Friday Night Artist Bios

Henry Pope III

Mr. Pope is a 2005 graphic design graduate of Virginia Marti College and has been doing comics and cartooning illustration for 20 years. Having past work published in Wizard Magazine and Oni Press, Mr. Pope is currently freelancing in comic art and illustration. Mr. Pope creates his art using both traditional and digital media. Mr. Pope also has a monthly webcomic titled “Pink & Nanook” that he does for fun with hopes of growing it into its own company. Mr. Pope is available for commission work as well as extended term, contracted projects. Please visit any of his sites to contact him for more information and any questions!



Chod is an artist based out of Lakewood, Ohio. In 2000 he received a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. He has won numerous awards and honors for his illustration and design work for the Medina Gazette. Interested in doing more personal work he started showing paintings in gallery shows in 2009.


Mark Overlow

Art director, graphic designer, illustrator. First serious comic purchase: Uncanny X-Men 133, May, 1980. (He still thinks he’s Wolverine).


Steve King

Steve King is the co-creator of the self published comic “The Abominations of Science” with local artist Ryan Kacsandy. Steve is the inker on the book but he sometimes pencils and occasionally acts as a colorist. He is available for commissions for everything from sketch cards to pin up art to full comic pages.


Thom Zahler

Thom Zahler is a native of northeast Ohio and the creator of Love and Capes and former Slider writer-artist for the Cleveland Indians. He also writes and draws My Little Pony for IDW, including the first issue of the Pony Tales micro-series. He has also written an upcoming episode of Ultimate Spider-Man as well as a story for theStar Trek: TNG Sky’s the Limit collection (with Bob Ingersoll).


Len Peralta

Len Peralta’s quirky, offbeat style has become synonymous with geek music and culture. He is the creator of the multimedia art project Geek A Week, currently in its fifth season. He has illustrated books by Ernie Cline (Ready Player One) and Trace Beaulieu (MST3K). Along with his comic TenState, with writer Tom Merritt, he has also illustrated the graphic novel Super-Powered Revenge Christmas by Bill Corbett (Rifftrax)


Adam Pate

“the Caricature Guy”




Robert Walland

Illustrator and Designer.  He likes to draw superheroes a lot.


Janie Walland

Founder and owner of RocketDustDesign!  Born in PA and growing up in San Antonio TX has given me more than enough life experience to become the artist I am today. I moved from Texas to pursue my love of art at The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH. After Earning my BFA there, I moved on to Sunny (smoggy) California. It was there I learned the many ways I could use my artistic talents and do what I love as a job. I learned my face painting skills at Universal Studios Theme Park and then moved on to become a local art teacher for children in the area. Nothing more fun than passing my knowledge and love for art on to others, especially kids!

It was soon after I decided to get married and move myself and family to Mentor, Oh. This is where I reside today with my husband, two children and many supportive friends. It was here I became a tattoo apprentice for 2 years and later moved into a shop and expanded my talents even more! Currently, most of my time is spent illustrating childrens books, painting murals and running my face painting business.

My love for art and beautiful things is what keeps me busy and happy, as long as I have a paintbrush in my hand. Feel free to take a look at what I have been up to lately. If you would like to contact me, please do! I am always looking for new projects to jump into!


Greg Golem
Instagram: Pencilero
Twitter: PencileroStudio

Previously sagged like a heavy load, currently exploding.

Likes: Fighting Games, Power Metal

Dislikes: Quitting


Clare Kolat

Clare Kolat is a freelance illustrator and designer from Lakewood, OH. She especially enjoys drawing cute and sexy girls, and also writes a food and lifestyle blog and loves to eat pie, collect tchotchkes, and pet random people’s dogs on the street.


Ron Hill

Ron Hill, president of The Northern Ohio Illustrators Society and member of The National Cartoonists Society, has drawn for Dungeons and Dragons, Iron Crown Enterprises, Chaosium, and West End Games back in the day. Currently, he creates 3 editorial cartoons a week for the weekly newspapers of Chagrin Valley Times Publishing, numerous book illustrations, thousands of caricatures and art for the web comic BB BluesBird, written by Gary Dumm.


Ashley Ribblett

Hey citizens! I’m a 28 year old illustrator currently living and practicing my craft in Cleveland, OH. I love drawing anything and everything weird, sexy and weirdly sexy. In my free time I also co-run the Cleveland branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.


Randy Crider

Nominated best local illustrator in 2013 and 2014 by Scene Magazine, Randy Crider  has years of experience drawing nonsense. His work has been used for storyboards, comic books, gaming, magazines, flyers, and many other outlets.  Also, he’s a cartooning instructor at the Cleveland Museum Of Art and BAYarts,as well as a founding member of the award-winning Rust Belt Monster Collective.

He’s currently training his daughter to punch dinosaurs right in the face.


Ryan Patrick Finley

I’m a dad to an amazing little batgirl, married to Catwoman and a freelance artist/illustrator. I have participated in several of Carol and John’s Comic Shop art events. At the butcher shop I work at, I draw daily cartoons to help advertise our specials. For years I worked at a professional tattoo studio, I continue to design tattoos and keep up with my skills. Recently, my art was on display at Breakneck Art, a local gallery in Lakewood. There will be more pieces coming soon on display at the gallery. Lastly, I am currently an instructor for children at BAYarts.


Tim Switalski

My primary interest is in Illustration. I love to draw pretty much everything, but I’m never more satisfied than when I get to draw something that doesn’t exist…until I draw it.

I’ve had many unique opportunities to grow creatively and I’m always looking for more.


Craig Worrell

Illustrationist, Draftsman, Occasional writer of words, Shape Arrangement Supervisor, Journeyman Tubaist, Alligator Wrastler.  Craig B. Worrel draws things fopr people.  Don’t beluieve me?  Check out Mr. Doubtypants!


Rick Lozano


Ben Hale

Ben Hale is an illustrator, graphic artist, video game designer, storyboard artist, and one of the founding members of the Rust Belt Monster Collective. Hes the art and media director of J Alexander, a full service sports and entertainment management agency.


David Balan

David Balan is a freelance cartoonist in Lakewood, OH! A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Sequential Art program, David has already worked on published projects with Competitive Edge Consulting Inc., Watson-Guptill, and the Transitions Comics Anthology. He is currently developing a graphic novel with collaborator Sam Reveley. David is always open for commissions or business proposals!


Ryan Kacsandy

Ryan Kacsandy is an Ohio born artist who specializes in penciling comics and painting fantasy art. He has a BFA from Bowling Green State University and his paintings have been shown in many Cleveland area galleries. A versatile artist, he’s painted on everything from traditional canvas to the unconventional like vinyl records and skateboard decks. His comics work includes the mini-comics “The Amateurs of Horror” and “Beyond Sunset”. As co-founder of Dirt Cheap Artworks, his latest project is “The Abominations of Science” which he penciled and co-wrote.


Rev. Jim Giar

I’m a working…struggling, illustrator and comic book artist in Cleveland. A traditional artist by nature…I work by traditional methods. My father was a press room foreman for our local newspaper, so the ink runs deep in my veins. I work in pencil, acrylic, watercolor, spray paint….ink…lots of ink, anything really that will give me the look I’m after. I’ve contributed artwork to charity events such as Comics for a Cure, the anthology After Shock and The Ripple Project among others. Most recently I’ve worked with fellow writer Ron Montgomery on a story for the first issue of the newly launched online anthology, OUTRE’ Press as well as a story for the New York Times best selling anthology FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead. I worked with writer Saj Patel to illustrate a 30 page story in the Harvey Award nominated Once Upon A Time Machine for Locust Moon/ Dark Horse Comics. I’m a founding member of The Rust Belt Monster Collective and one of the instigators behind the creation of the Cleveland chapter of The Drink and Draw Social Club. When I’m not working on comics or illustrating, I periodically teach classes at BayArts in creating comics…..and on my down time I make fun of Randy Crider…Oh and I’m available for commissions.


Shawny Walthaw (Currently unavailable)

Shawny Walthaw is an Illustrator/ Designer from Cleveland,OH who’s obsessed with Futurama, Joy Division and Pizza. Always available for commissions, especially if it involves Pin-ups girls or circles.


Abdul H. Rashid

Abdul H. Rashid a native of Flint, MI, is an illustrator, creator, and developer of intellectual properties in the genres of superhero, sci-fi, action-adventure and horror concepts. His work is featured in the MARVEL comics distributed New Gen series, and he is currently collaborating with various creative studios in New York, California and other locations on original creator-owned properties. Working as a freelance in past years, Rashid will be putting out various creator-owned projects through his new studio AHR Visions, specializing in genre related stories. He is working to contribute fresh new deas and concepts to the industry for the dedicated fan through multi-media ventures. He is currently based in NE Ohio and looks to add to the generating Mid-West entertainment hub.


Erin Schechtman

Erin Schechtman is an award winning children’s product designer, beloved art instructor, and acclaimed fine artist. She also spends every minute of free time creating improvised artwork with five other goofballs as part of Cleveland’s own Rust Belt Monster Collective. Erin just finished watching the entire run of Star Trek the Next Generation on Netflix and is currently crying over the loss into a mug of earl grey tea, hot. I also love comic sans.