Saturday Artist Bios

Henry Pope III

Mr. Pope is a 2005 graphic design graduate of Virginia Marti College and has been doing comics and cartooning illustration for 20 years. Having past work published in Wizard Magazine and Oni Press, Mr. Pope is currently freelancing in comic art and illustration. Mr. Pope creates his art using both traditional and digital media. Mr. Pope also has a monthly webcomic titled “Pink & Nanook” that he does for fun with hopes of growing it into its own company. Mr. Pope is available for commission work as well as extended term, contracted projects. Please visit any of his sites to contact him for more information and any questions!


CHOD (1p – 4p)

Chod is an artist based out of Lakewood, Ohio. In 2000 he received a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. He has won numerous awards and honors for his illustration and design work for the Medina Gazette. Interested in doing more personal work he started showing paintings in gallery shows in 2009.


Mark Overlow (10a – 1p)

Art director, graphic designer, illustrator. First serious comic purchase: Uncanny X-Men 133, May, 1980. (He still thinks he’s Wolverine).


Greg Golem
Instagram: Pencilero
Twitter: PencileroStudio

Previously sagged like a heavy load, currently exploding.

Likes: Fighting Games, Power Metal

Dislikes: Quitting


Ryan Patrick Finley

I’m a dad to an amazing little batgirl, married to Catwoman and a freelance artist/illustrator. I have participated in several of Carol and John’s Comic Shop art events. At the butcher shop I work at, I draw daily cartoons to help advertise our specials. For years I worked at a professional tattoo studio, I continue to design tattoos and keep up with my skills. Recently, my art was on display at Breakneck Art, a local gallery in Lakewood. There will be more pieces coming soon on display at the gallery. Lastly, I am currently an instructor for children at BAYarts.


Philip Fried

I’ve been drawing for most of my 59 years, always striving to improve.   My favorite comics are Kirby’s New Gods books from the silver age and the first Ultimates series by Millar and Hitch from a few years ago.   I’ll also read anything by Brubaker and Phillips.  My artistic influences vary (Kirby, Kubert, Wrightson, and others from the old school) to Hitch, Lark, Epting, Copiel and Cheung from the current crop of artists.  I do all my work on the board, not employing the computer at any point.  There’s a great satisfaction to me in taking a sheet of Bristol and a pencil or pen and making something out of it.  Also,Alex Toth was a genius doing more with less.  Check out some of his work”


Jeff Crowther (10a – 1p)

Jeff Crowther is an illustrator and cartoonist living in the Youngstown, Ohio area. Jeff’s published works include the Princess Candy series and Star Bus graphic novel from Capstone Press, self published mini-comics and his all-ages action, adventure webcomic Yeti 4 Hire, which update every Wednesday at


Adam Pate

“the Caricature Guy”



Angela Oster

Angela Oster is an artist, illustator and creator of criminally cute, odd and wonderful beings. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and a 2009 Creative Workforce Fellow.


Wil Reyes (Currently unavailable)

Other than being a self-taught artist that’s been drawing comics for 20 years I don’t have much of a bio.


David Balan

David Balan is a freelance cartoonist in Lakewood, OH! A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Sequential Art program, David has already worked on published projects with Competitive Edge Consulting Inc., Watson-Guptill, and the Transitions Comics Anthology. He is currently developing a graphic novel with collaborator Sam Reveley. David is always open for commissions or business proposals!


Clare Kolat

Clare Kolat is a freelance illustrator and designer from Lakewood, OH. She especially enjoys drawing cute and sexy girls, and also writes a food and lifestyle blog and loves to eat pie, collect tchotchkes, and pet random people’s dogs on the street.


J. Christopher Schmidt (11-1)

J. Christopher Schmidt is a freelance illustrator, comic book artist and designer based in the Cleveland area. He is a graduate of The Columbus College of Art and Design. In 2012 he did pencils and inks for “Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple”. In 2014 he drew half of “Battle of the Super Powers” #2 and is currently working on “Prometheus: Titan of Earth”. You can see his work at


Jonathan T. Schmidt (11-1)

Jonathan T. Schmidt is a Digital Artist that grew up in the Cleveland area.  His love of comic books, cartoons, and videogames drove him to earn a degree at Bowling Green State University.  His career began at a modest game studio making environments for a 3D Golf Simulator. He soon accepted a position at Volition-Inc where he worked for seven years on three Saints Row titles.  Two years ago, Jon received the opportunity of a lifetime to work at his dream studio, Naughty Dog, in sunny Santa Monica, California, where he had the honor of being an artist on The Lasts of Us, the most critically acclaimed videogame in history.  He now lives in Hawthorne, California with his beautiful wife Sara, son Benjamin, three-legged wonder-pup Norman, and two awesome cats Dexter and Neville.  You can see his past work at