23 Years of Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop

October has been a crazy month, and it’s not quite over yet! This Monday, October 28th is Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop’s 23rd anniversary in business!
We’re very grateful to you, our customers, for all the support through the years. I’m personally also very thankful to my staff, who time and time again outdo themselves both at events and at regularly keeping the shop flowing on a daily basis. We are proud to say this has been our best year is business ever.


As a thank you to you, we’re be giving 50% off ALL back issues on this day (Yes all, even Marvel NOW and DC New 52) and 20% off ALL Graphic Novels and Hardcovers! Take advantage of it and enjoy the discount on this really cool day for us. (And now for you too!)
So what do we have going for the month of November?


First off we’ll be at Akron Comicon On Saturaday, November 9th! We rarely do shows as it never benefits us to take inventory out of the shop, our primary showplace. But Akron’s special, and MIchael Savene puts on a really great show that covers all the bases. We had a great time last year and are looking forward to a great show again. Stop by and see us from 10am to 6pm. We fully endorse this show and the people involved in it’s execution.


Something else you might want to take a peek at if you’re into it is this little event:



While we have nothing to due with organizing the event, as lovers of all things Doctor Who, the staff and companions of CNJ Comics will be running the bar at this event. (A task we take with equal parts seriousness and levity.) We’re just stoked to have a place to go to hang out with like minded individuals and rap about Doctor Who for hours. It’s only $10 suggested donation at the bar, and excess money from throwing the event goes to the Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation. (for cats) Win win.


Lastly, mark your calender for our BLACK FRIDAY SALE on November 29th! It is easily our biggest sale of the year where we pull all the boxes out of our back room and charge a buck apiece for them. (There’s about 60,000 comic back there, IN ORDER. So get your lists together in preparation!) We also have huge discounts on everything in the store. The sale goes all day but from 7pm till midnight we go all out with lots of raffle prizes being given out every half hour. (We figure you have all day to shop elsewhere, you can wind down at night in our shop.) This is is longest running store event, like 15 years now. Ask around, it’s awesome.
So again! Thanks everyone for all your support over the years! We’re having a great time and we hope it shows! We’ll see you this week at the comic shop!
Happy Anniversary Carol and John’s!