Get yourself ready for Black Friday (UPDATE)

bannercorrectedOur biggest sale of the year is almost here!
This will be our 18th Annual Black Friday Sale!
While most shops hit you up for “door buster” sales (we hate that word) CNJ Comics likes the more mellow approach of having our big sale from 7pm till midnight! Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, cool atmosphere to shop in, not some kind of consumer battle. We also like to provide a late night environment for all our customers who have to work the day away. Come chill out with us for a few hours after work and have some fun.
On Friday November 29th From 7pm to midnight we have easily our biggest sale of the year.
The key of this sale is that we open up out back room and bring out over 60,000 comic books IN ORDER for only $1.00 each! (Read that again if you have too. That’s why we’re giving you time to get your lists together!)
Also that night:
  • 50% off all Back Issues!
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall!
  • 20% off Statues, Actions Figures and T-shirts!
  • Discount Graphic Novel bins at 75% off!
  • 10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop!
We will provide cool holiday shopping music, a huge free pizza drop off at 8pm, and non alcoholic drinks and snacks though out the night. (want alcohol, come to our Christmas Party on December 21st)
And finally…
THE RAFFLES! This has become the most popular part of the night!
  • We’ll be raffling off 50 Hardcover graphic Novels at a rate of 5 every half hour starting at 7:30pm!
  • (UPDATE: Throughout the night we will be raffling off ten different $100 MARVEL COMICS OMNIBUSES! WOW)
  • You get a raffle ticket for every 10 dollars you spend and the tickets stay in there all night long! YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! This greatly increases your chances of winning if you stick around! We also do other random raffles throughout the night for cool stuff when the mood hits us!
  • At Midnight we pick for a $100 gift certificate! (also must be present to win)

So if you’ve been thinking about making a trip up to the shop from out of town, this is the night for you! We will have sales all weekend from Friday till Sunday (encase you can’t make it up Friday but still want to make a weekend visit to check out those $1.00 bins.) but don’t expect any of the sales to be as good as Friday Night!

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Our Black Friday event is one we’re very sentimental about. Ask anyone who’s been around the shop long enough over our 23 year history about how fun it is. Beyond shopping there’s a feeling of everyone being on the same page and hanging out and talking comics. This is where our current event driven business model began 18 years ago. We won’t let you down. So stop on by and buy some comics!

Thank you for your support over the past year! We’ll see you all Black Friday at the comic book shop!