Eight reasons to start reading comics this week at CNJ Comics

As you may know, every Wednesday is New Comic Book Day at the comic shop! We get a full shipment of new merchandise and comics and give the shop a new energy each week. While awesome, it can also be intimidating to new customers. We’re going to fix all that this week! We’ve made an easy access cheat sheet to seven cool things you can jump right into with a release date of 11-6-2013! So for potential new customers, lapsed customers looking for a way back in, or our beloved regulars who just want to know the score, here’s eight things you should be checking out this week! 

Amazing X-Men #1!

The X-men titles have just finished a two month long crossover. Here’s a new X-title you can just jump into featuring the return of fan favorite Nightcrawler and staring the likes of Wolverine, Storm and Firestar and Iceman! (remember them as Spider-Man’s Amazing Friends from the 80’s cartoon?) Written by fan favorite Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed McGuinness, who’s known for his high energy action panels, this book is the perfect place to dip into reading X-Men Comics!
To catch up: NOTHING! You can start right here!


Forever Evil #3!

This seven issue mini series is DC’s first company wide crossover since the New 52 Reboot! The Justice League is gone and the villains have taken over the planet under the rule of an evil Justice League, The Crime Syndicate! That leaves Lex Luthor and Bizarro to hold them off till our heroes can get their act together! Sound silly? It’s not. It’s really fun and written by Geoff Johns, DC Chief Creative Officer. You do not need a long background in comics to hop in and enjoy!
To catch up: Forever Evil #1 and #2, in print and available at the shop!
Extra Credit: Justice League #22 and #23, Justice League Dark #22 and #23, Justice League of America #6 and #7 (The six part story of how the villains took over! Trinity War!) Available at the shop!


Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand #1!


The Marvel Ultimate Universe is about to be destroyed by Galactus! For real! Word is that after this five issue mini series written by Brian Michael Bendis, only Ultimate Spider-Man will be left. Marvel’s through with the Ultimate Universe but it’ll be a fun ride to watch a classic 60’s villain like Galactus rip through an entire universe. Things like this are a guilty pleasure folks!
To catch up: Cataclysm #.01 unnecessary prequel issue to this new series, but worth some bonus points. Available at the shop!
Extra Credit: The Hunger #1-#4 Only issue #1 and #4 are available at the shop! Issues #2 and #3 are out of print, a pretty good indicator that this series is going to be a hit!


Superman Unchained #4


Put together DC’s top writer Scott Snyder with their top artist Jim Lee, and you’ve got the Superman book we’ve all been waiting for. Snyder gives us a more cerebral look at how Superman uses his powers each month, while Jim Lee shows us how far his artwork has come since his work on X-men in the 90’s!
To catch up: Superman Unchained #1-#3 Available at the shop!


Batman Zero Year Crossovers


This year DC’s best selling title has been Batman Year Zero, A 12 part story starting with Batman issue #21 that is a retelling of his first year in action. This month (since the DC Heroes are all missing in action during Forever Evil) several titles will have self contained flashback issues that will go back in time and tell stories set during Batman Year Zero. This week is the first batch of these books and include Action Comics #25, Batwing #24, Detective Comics #25 and Green Arrow #25! It’s a really cool idea to have ‘flashback crossovers’ and you’ll get to see a young cocky Superman in Action, Green Arrow wear his mark for the first time, A young Luke Fox in Batwing, and James Gordon going up against the GCPD in Detective!
To catch up: Batman #21-#24 Available at the shop!

Star Wars Lucas Draft #3


No book has brought new customers into the shop this year like Star Wars Lucas Draft! This 8 issue mini series is an adaptation of George Lucas’s original script for Star Wars using the original conceptional artwork by Ralph McQuarrie. Truly as awesome as it sounds, it would be a hit even if the quality of the book was low, which it isn’t!
To catch up: Star Wars Lucas Draft #1 and #2 Available at the shop!


Alex and Ada #1 and Image Comics


So Superheroes aren’t your thing? Every month some of the best writers in comics put out books for Image Comics, where they have a bit more creative freedom and less editorial restraints then they having working on high profile characters like Superman and Spider-Man. Image is leading the field in creator owned properties, and it’s under their house that such amazing ideas as Walking Dead were created. This week, Alex and Ada #1 from Jonathan Luna, creator of The Sword and Girls! We’ve also got other new issues this week, like Fatale by Ed Brubaker, East of West #7 by Jonathan Hickman and Ten Grand #5 by Michael Straczynski. One of these reason we got a Best of Cleveland nod this year was for helping customers pair up their tastes with a good comic book, and Image gives us plenty of material to help that happen.
To catch up: Just talk to anyone at the shop, we’ll figure it out for you!

Batman Arkham Origins Action Figures Series One


Sure you’ve been playing the game like crazy this month, well now we’ve got the figures to go with it. DC Direct is a line a action figures that are comic shop only, so we can get the upper hand on big box stores. This week we’ve got new Batman, Bane, Joker and Black Mask figures that are straight out of the game!

Every week the shop continues to be a place to take a break from everything and immerse yourself in what’s new in the world of pop culture. Our staff is here to help you put the right book into your hands, and we know that that book is different for everybody. All the books mentioned here are great jumping on points if you’d like to try something new. We also have a file system where we can hold books for you each month so you don’t have to miss anything. We’re at over 500 regulars and growing. So stop by the shop this week, or pass this email on to someone you think might be interested in the world of comics. The hobby is at it’s best when it’s shared.
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Okay, okay, here’s a 9th reason to come into the shop this week to seal the deal.


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