Jack Kirby’s Birthday and New Comic Releases for the week 8-27-14

This week is Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday! But first let’s check out some featured new releases for the week of Wednesday, August 27th!

We’re still loving Dan Slott and Ramon Perez’s early Spider-Man adventures in Amazing Spider-Man #1.4!


​Part 4 of the 5 issue point series, this series has been a really fun flashback to the 60’s. The Alex Ross covers alone have made this whole project worthwhile.

The Uncanny Avengers have just finished their first major epic, but Rick Remender is still sowing the seeds for Axis, coming out in October.


​Uncanny Avengers #23 will be out this week. Here’s a little more on Axis.

Wolverine comes to a close with a double sized 12th issue.


Next week is the start of the weekly epic Death of Wolverine! But in this final issue we have a showdown with Sabertooth while we wait.

DC Selfie Variants were all the rage this week, and here’s one of my favorite’s from Aquaman #34, coming out this week.


DC themed variants are now offered for cover price in the shop, but you’ve got to come in early to get them, as they are limited.

Also next week will be the start of September’s Future’s End 3D cover month, as every title will join the New 52 Future’s End weekly series five years in the future.


It’s not too late to catch up on the book that will tie it all together, and issue #17 comes out this week.

Two new action figures will be coming out from DC Direct this week, Arsenal and Red Hood from Red Hood and the Outlaws.

New_52_Arsenal_Figure(1)We love DC Direct Action Figure because they are comic shop only and evergreen, which means they are constantly in stock and available. Come check out our selection of DC figure some time, we work extra hard to make sure everything that can be on the shelves are.

New a new statue to go with those Pop Glasses? We’ve got the Stargirl Bombshell Statue in this week.


DC is finding all kinds of ways to use the Ant Lucia bombshell artwork, but it all started with this cool line of statues that have been going out of print as soon as they come out.

Lastly, Harley Quinn is still a treat each month.


It seems like Harley is currently being used as DC’s Deadpool, often breaking the fourth wall and interacting with readers. This issue has Harley in a fight club and will have one of the aforementioned selfie variants at cover price.

Happy Birthday Jack!!

This Thursday is Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday! To help celebrate we’re one of a few shops across the country helping Jack’s grand daughter Jillian to raise money for the Kirby 4 Heroes Initiative.

What this means is out of respect for Jack’s legacy we’ll be donating 10% of all sales on Thursday to Kirby 4 Heroes! We’ve even pulled out a lot of Kirby’s graphic novels so they be readily accessible. If you’d like to make a donation we’ll be offering five different exclusive stickers made by the Rust Belt Monsters!


Stickers will be only $2 each and ALL profits from the sale of the stickers will go to the charity! We hope to have the stickers available all weekend so be sure to stop by any time and let the world know that You Believe In Jack Kirby! Collect all five!


We also really appreciate Jack’s granddaughter taking control of his legacy to do something positive. Quite impressive for 17 years old. Jack would be proud.

Well, that’s it for this week! Thanks for being awesome and we’ll see you this week at the comic shop!