New Comic Releases for the Week of 9-10-2014

We’ve got a real treat for you this week, as Marvel officially celebrates it’s 75th Anniversary with a FREE Magazine!

Here’s the featured new releases for the week of Wednesday, September 10th.

This week’s featured book isn’t even for sale! It’s the aforementioned FREE Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine!

Marvel_MagazineWith a regular cover price of $9.95, Marvel has intrusted us to give away over 200 copies of this brand new magazine chronicling Marvel’s 75 anniversary with articles, interviews and more!

We’ll be giving them away FREE with any purchase starting on Wednesday and hopefully we’ll have enough to make it through the weekend.

Thanks Marvel! Let’s see what else you’ve got for us this week!

The Death of Wolverine continues this week with issue #2.

Death_Of_Wolverine_#2After a very intense set up last week, we’re excited to be continuing this story on a weekly basis. Entertainment Weekly even listed this book as one of the top ten pop culture picks of the week. I personally loved it.

Deadpool looks to be fun, as we flashback to the 90’s in issue #34.

Deadpool_#34Other than the always amazing Mark Brooks cover we’re promised 90’s Sabertooth, 90’s Alpha Flight and 90’s artwork inside!

We’ll also be getting a glimpse into the new Spider-Man storyline with the five issue Edge Of Spider-Verse series.

Edge_OF_Spiderverse_#1Spider-Verse doesn’t start until November but this series will spotlight a different universe Spider-Man in each issue. Each issue will also have a different creative team. This one features a 1930’s Pulp era Spider-Man.

Here’s an article with a little more information about Spider-Verse,

Another issue worth keeping an eye out for is Magneto #9.

Magneto_#9This issue is part of the March to Axis, which will lead directly into Axis next month. (see how we like to keep you posted on things way down the line!)

We’re surprised there hasn’t been more of an issue between Magneto and the Red Skull over the years, especially with their incredibly different yet interconnected world views.

Lastly from Marvel, we’ve apparently only got three issue of Hawkeye left to go, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Hawkeye_#20Issue #20 is out this week and Fraction has announced that issue #22 will be the end of their storyline. -sigh-

DC’s rolling out ten more Future’s End One Shot’s this week, all with 3D and standard covers.

Batman_Future's_End_#1This week’s titles include:

  • Batgirl Future’s End #1
  • Batman Future’s End #1 (pictured)
  • Bird’s Of Prey Future’s End #1
  • Constantine Future’s End #1
  • Green Lantern Corp Future’s End #1
  • Infinity Man and the Forever People Future’s End #1
  • Justice League United Future’s End #1
  • New Suicide Squad Future’s End #1
  • Superboy Future’s End #1
  • World’s Finest Future’s End #1

Like last year, the titles with the shortest print run’s are the hardest to get. So while Batman may be common, books like Constantine can be surprisingly difficult to find, due to people suddenly buying full sets. At any rate, all 3D’s will be cover price as long as we can keep them in!

Finally, a little bait on the hook from Dark Horse and Joss Whedon.

Whedon_Three_Way_One_ShotFor only $1.00 you can buy a giant book with the first issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Angel & Faith Season 10, and Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. Sounds like a pretty good promotional idea to me. (heck, buying this one dollar book alone will get you that free Marvel Magazine this week!)

Hope we’ve given you some great reason’s to come out and see us this week.

We’ll see you soon at the comic book shop!

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