Black Friday and Local Comic Shop Day Updates

2015-Black-Friday-FB-Cover_SWWe’ve got a lot to cover this week so we’ve only got one featured book, Dark Knight III The Master Race #1!

DK III 1This eight issue mini series is written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, with art by Andy Kubert. There’s even a mini insert Atom comic written by Miller and Azzarello with art by Miller and Klaus Janson. There’s a great deal of controversy around who wrote what, mostly because Miller is as crazy as Alan Moore. One thing is for certain though, we’ll all be tuned in to see what happens one way or another. We’re even going to let the 1:10 Jill Thompson Variants go for cover price.

DK ThompsonThis book is coming out Wednesday, November 25th, but we’ll have a special variant cover available on Saturday for Local Comic Shop Day. (see below!)


Here’s the link to all the information on our Black Friday Sale!

The big update is that during the main sale from 7pm to midnight on Friday November 27th we will be opening up our back room to the public, and all books in the back room and the foyer will be only $1.00 each! We’ve even dragged 50 boxes of small press out of our storage locker for the first time in years. The back room has collections that we haven’t even processed yet, so you’ll get first crack at quite a few boxes of stuff!

Discounts during the 7pm to midnight sale include:

  • 20% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off all Back Issues
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall
  • 20% off Statues and Action Figures
  • 75% off the Discount Graphic Novel Bins.
  • 10% off EVERYTHING else in the store.

The back room will only be open from 7pm to midnight on Friday, so MAKE SURE TO COME FRIDAY NIGHT FOR THE BEST SELECTION AND DEALS! This is our 20th Anniversary doing this sale, and it’s developed quite a following.

2015-Black-Friday-FB-Share_SWWe will be having a sale all through the weekend, from Friday to Sunday with discounts including:

  • 10% of all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off Back Issues
  • 10% off Statues and Actions Figures

The $1.00 books will be available in the foyer all weekend if you’d like to browse through them in a more mellow atmosphere.


Can’t make it in on Friday? Then we’ve still got something for you on Saturday, the first annual Local Comic Shop Day in conjunction with Small Business Saturday!

<insert Local Comic Shop Day Facebook Image>Local Comic Shop Day is a first year event similar to record store day, with exclusives that will only be available to participating brick and mortar independent comic shops. (We’re one of only two participating in Northeast Ohio)

Here’s a list of the exclusives that will be available that day with descriptions.

For the sake of transparency, here’s a list of what we are getting and how much each item will cost:

These books had a very limited production run:

  • All New Wolverine #1 Bengal Sketch Variant: $25 (2 copies)
  • Back To The Future #1: $3.99 (8 copies)
  • Bitch Planet Hardcover: $50 (2 copies)
  • Book of Dead Fall of Harbinger #1: $10 (3 copies)
  • Jughead #1: $10 (2 copies)
  • Luminae Limited BW Line Art Edition: $9.99 (2 copies)
  • Shield (Dark Circle) #1: $10 (2 copies)
  • These books were printed to order:
  • Welcome To Showside #1 Saltel Variant: $3.99 (8 copies)
  • Project Nemesis #2 Marrero Variant $3.99 (5 copies)
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1: $3.99 (5 copies)
  • Rick and Morty Treasury Edition: $14.99 (10 copies)
  • Invader Zim Treasury Edition: $14.99 (15 copies)
  • Exodus Life After #1: $9.99 (6 copies)
  • Space Riders Hardcover: $24.99 (2 copies)
  • All New All Different Avengers #1 Marquez Variant: $4.99 (20 copies)
  • Klaus #1: $3.99 (10 copies)
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III #1: $3.99 (12 copies)
  • Hangman #1: $3.99 (10 copies)
  • Dark Knight III Master Race Johnson Variant: $5.99 (40 copies)

DKTMR_Cv1_Dave_Johnson_LocalComicShopDayOne of the rules of the day at a national level is that we cannot hold these books. It’s first come first serve on Saturday morning at 10am!

We also put together employee pick value packs out of our dollar preview books for each staff member, so for only $5 you can get of pack of books recommended by Jim, Ben, John S or John D!

FacebookImage1_LCSD15As stated above the sale will continue into Sunday, so that might be a chill time to go through the dollar stock in the foyer one last time.

From our family to your family, have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!