Artists Wanted and New Comic Releases for the week of 12-2-2015

First off, we’ve like to thank everyone who made Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Local Comic Shop Day a success this past weekend. Scene even sent out a photographer to cover the Black Friday Event. Check that out here!  (There’s a lot a familiar faces in there.)


2015-Christmas-FB-Artist-Wanted-900x900_FINALWe’re also happy to announce that we’ll be doing our annual Christmas Art Show at our Christmas Customer Appreciation Party again this year. All proceeds from this show will go to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Last year, with assistance from Pop The Comic Culture Club, we raised enough money to help the Food Bank create over 11,000 meals for those in need during the holidays. We also collected over a thousand food items. You can be a part of this! Artists, stop by the shop and pick up a blank Star Wars cover that looks like this:

Star Wars BlankThe theme this year is simply Star Wars, and you can take it in any direction that you want. (Holiday cover are fun though!)

Please use only the front of the book for artwork, as we can only display them that way.

Make sure you turn the book in to the shop by December 17th, and it will be part of our art show! For the sake of quality, we ask that people have a dedicated website to their artwork before they do a submission.

Covers are won at a day long bag raffle system that culminates at our yearly Christmas Party that evening.

The covers will also be photographed and but into an online album for posterity. Here’s the one’s from the past two years:

2014 & 2013

This can be the one thing you do for the holidays! Turn your art into food!

More details to come on the party, but it will also have a Star Wars theme, so get ready!



More Marvel #1’s this week, including Daredevil #1 with a brand new creative team.

Daredevil1Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine) and Ron Garney take over after Mark Waid’s epic run on the series.

Spidey #1 takes us back to the good old days.

Spidey 1Peter Parker is back in High School with stories set during the beginning of his career. The best part is the artwork by Nick Bradshaw. (Wolverine and the X-Men)

Amadeus Cho is the new Hulk in Totally Awesome Hulk #1.

Awesome Hulk 1The series is being written by Greg Pak, who wrote the classic Hulk stories Planet Hulk and World War Hulk.


DC’s got some fun stuff this week as well. Robin War begins in Robin War #1.

Robin War 1Damien Wayne returns to Gotham and doesn’t like what he sees. This run will crossover into all of Batman’s protege’s titles. Here’s a link with a great visual summery of who all the Robin’s have been over the years.

This week is also the beginning of the Harley Black Bagged Variants.

Harleys Little Black Book1Harley’s Little Black Book will have the first of several Black bagged Harley Variants by DC’s best artists. There are three different styles that can be inside, penciled, inked and full-color covers.

Harley’s Little Black Book is cool on it’s own accord. This new Bi-Monthly Team Up book starts off with a team up with Wonder Woman and Art by Amanda Conner!

Here’s more info on the covers, including a video.


This week we get an all new Marvel Select Doctor Strange figure.

Doctor Strange AfSick of driving all over to fill those action figure requests for Christmas? We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of super hero figures at all time.


Finally, a new run of Image Firsts Comics come out this week. These art complete first issues to check out a new Image title for only A buck.

Image First DTitles include:

  • Birthright #1
  • Bitch Planet #1
  • Copperhead #1
  • Descender #1
  • Humans #1
  • Nowhere Men #1
  • ODYC #1
  • Sunstone #1
  • Wayward #1

Spend the $9 and try them all. It’s well worth it.

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more Christmas Party Info!