New Comic Releases for 12-9-2015


First off, we’re here to remind you about our Christmas Party and art show on Saturday December 19th. The art show will last through the day and end with a party from 8pm to 11pm. The theme this year is Star Wars, and all the art will be winnable through a basket raffle system with all funds going to the Cleveland Food Bank.

SW_CUPFrom now until Christmas, all funds from the $1.00 bins will go completely to the Cleveland Food Bank. You can come into the store and shop and know that with each book you buy you’re creating four full meals for people in need during the holiday season. We have also been told by Jim over at Comic Heaven that he will match this offer, so be sure to stop by his shop during the holiday season as well. At our shop, you can also start bringing food items in, and you can trade one item for a book out of the dollar bins! Thanks to Pop The Comic Culture Club for the donations to the dollar bins, and for actually physically taking responsibility for getting the food to the right place.

Artists! You still have time to do a comic cover for the show! Just pick up a blank Star Wars cover at the shop and have it completely and Turned in by December 17th. We’ve already gotten from great submissions in.

CoversWe also have to give a huge shout out to the Mandalorian Mercs Rancor Clan, Rebel Legion Apollo Base, the Ohio Garrison 501st and the Finley Family. They recently assisted with a plaza Christmas Party (which also had a Star Wars theme) and donated $1,000 dollars from that event to our seasonal food drive efforts. Really, representing the finest aspects of the world of cosplay. (thought it never comes off like they’re playing at all.)

starwarscosplayWe all know we’re going to love the new Star Wars movie and share the experience with friends and family. The key is to make this whole thing more meaning full then just seeing the movie. We have to take how we feel about it and turn it into something great together. We are proud to be the stage where comic shops, Pop Comic Club members, customers, artists and cosplayers can unite in Cleveland and make a difference. Participation from the entire ‘comic book’ community to show Cleveland what we represent.

Look for a future email with a 40% off one item coupon to be used at the Christmas Party!

On to this week’s new releases!


The leader by far is Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1.

batman_tmntExpect Batman, Turtles, the Foot Clan, dimension jumping and more in this 6 issue mini-series. (It really sort of sells itself)

Marvel’s big new release is Scarlet Witch #1.

scarletwitchWritten by James Robinson and featuring Marvel’s favorite scape goat. (If you haven’t been picking up Vision, it’s a shop favorite and worth a look as well)

Marvel’s also got a Christmas Special this week filled with some of it’s greatest properties, the Gwenpool Special!

gwenpoolShe-Hulk’s Christmas Party, Deadpool and Hawkeye, and the reason for the season, Gwenpool!

If you enjoyed last week’s Robin War, we’ve got two more chapters and two more tie ins this week.

robinwarGrayson #15 is chapter two, Detective Comics #47 is chapter three, and both Gotham Academy #13 and Red Hood and Arsenal are tie-ins.


Finally, one of the big mistakes we made on Local Comic Shop Day was to not support Black Mask in their efforts to get their books out for the day. They went above and beyond to get their product out there, and we did not adequately support them. Check out what they went through here!

Because of this story, which we watched unfold from the side lines, we have gotten more copies of the Space Riders Hardcover, the We Can Never Go Home Hardcover, and the Black Mask Mystery Box from a shop in New Hampshire.

Please check out this independent copy by checking out some of their stuff. We recommend the We Can Never Go Home Hardcover specifically, as will as the Mystery Box, which is a great introduction to the company. Space Rider is also a cool indie tribute to Jack Kirby,

Check out what’s in the mystery box here.

blackmask“The story of two teenagers, a mixtape, a stolen car, a fully loaded .45, strange abilities, dead drug dealers, and their money. A dark and modern story about getting lost and finding yourself on the backroads of America.”

Both hardcovers are comic shop only and retail for $25 each. The Black Mask Mystery box is $39.99.

That’s it for this week!