New Releases for 10-11-2017 at CNJComics

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, October 11th, 2017!



First up is a deluxe hardcover from DC Comics collecting the entire four part “The Button” series that ran in Batman and Flash and will act as a prelude to this November’s ‘Doomsday Clock’, which will finally see the merger between the DC Universe and the world of the Watchman!

You can read a preview of Doomsday Clock here: Get ready for the ending of this preview! !!!!

I don’t care if you’re an Alan Moore loyalist or not, this is some pretty exciting stuff. 

Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank comes out on November 22nd, but you can get The Button hardcover now for only $19.99. (Batman meets his Flashpoint dad bra.)

Speaking of dad’s, it’s been a month so we can reveal what all the fuss is over in Action Comics. Jor-El is alive and well and kind of a dick. Part three of the four part ‘OZ Effect’ comes out this week in Action Comics #989. DC even threw a lenticular cover on this run.

I don’t think we have to sell anyone on Dark Days Metal, but it’s Snyder and Capullo’s Batman centered Justice League story and there isn’t one part of it that hasn’t been off the charts. DC finally figured out that people love Batman, so they’re giving them Batman. The call backs to previous Snyder issues and DC history in general has made me realize DC knows exactly what they’re doing at this point in time. The key? Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns and Tom King are all geniuses at their craft. 

The most cerebral book DC has running is Mister Miracle by the aforementioned Tom King. It’s a twelve issue run and #3 comes out this week. They’re reprinting the earlier issues so I strongly recommend hopping on board. 

Jut for fun, the girls from Gotham City Garage get their own title this week!


Marvel’s in their second week of legacy titles, and we actually qualified for a couple of those ‘controversial’ lenticular variants this week.

Defenders #6 has Bendis’s first real stab at Deadpool. We will have lents for this book and it’s a homage to the classic Avengers #16.

Uncanny Avengers #28 featuring Marvel’s other great duo (besides Power Man and Iron Fist of course) the Beast and Wonder Man. I’m not kidding either. I grew up on George Perez’s Avengers run and the thought of two members setting off the mansion security system while drunk blew my ten year old mind. We will have lents for this book!

While we will not have lents for it, Despicable Deadpool #287 features the return of Deadpool as a solo villain, which him hunting down and trying to kill Cable. Which kind of lines him up for his second movie next June. 

<insert Dispicalble Deadpool>Here’s the Legacy renumbering chart, encase you’re wondering where the number 287 came from.

Other Marvel Legacy relaunches this week include All New Wolverine #25 (Daken returns) , Amazing Spider-Man #789 (Back in New York) , Falcon #1 (Written by Boondocks writer) , Gwenpool #21 (Dr. Doom) and X-Men Blue #13 (crossover with Gold).

Here’s an article I found quite interesting actually, and it’s on some of Marvel’s issues at New York Comicon this year:

We’ll always be Marvel fans and hope for the best for them. 

Personally, I have just read a full preview of the first Waid and Samnee issue if Captain America and it’s everything I want Marvel to aspire too. It comes out on November 1st so keep your eyes open for it

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