Doomsdays Clock Early Release Event on 11-21-17

t’s been awhile since we’ve done an early release event, but if one book ever justified it, it’s Doomsday Clock #1, featuring the first real merger of the DC and Watchman Universes!


DC is allowing us to sell Doomsday Clock #1 (As well as all new DC releases) at 11:57pm on Tuesday (11-21-2017) night, to coincide with the time on the Doomsday Clock.

We’ll be selling four different covers including one exclusive to the early release. 

The Lenticular cover is my favorite, featuring DC’s Trinity blended into Rorschach’s mask.

The standard edition hints at the fact that the Rorschach journal really did get out. 

We also have a great Gary Frank variant, featuring key players Superman and Doctor Manhattan.  

The 11:57 variant will only be available at the early release event and featured a black and white version of the Gary Frank variant cover. 

The first 25 people in line will also receive a FREE early release lithograph that looks like the 11:57 variant.

We will also have these cool Doomsday Clock pins, that we can give free with every copy you buy of the book. 

Considering how iconic the regular Watchman pin is, this will be a pretty hip addition to your jacket/back pack. 

We will also have a raffle for free Watchman graphic novels which will be held at 12:30 am, when we intend to close. Yup, you must be present to win. (I mean, you’ve come out late already, why not stick around and read the book with good company?

On that note, here is the preview that’s been going around of the first six pages.

It’s hard to think of a better team taking over this project than Johns and Frank. Yes, we love the original. Yes, we’re excited about the new possibilities as well. We’ll even have copies of the Before Watchman Minutemen / Silk Spectre Hardcover on sale for 50% off. It’s by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner and is the highlight of the prequel material. 


This week we’ll also be handing out a 5×7 print we commissioned by local artist Jessica Mellen for Small Business Saturday. 

Shop Small and Feed the Cat! This is our thank you for choosing to Shop Small this holiday season, even if it’s not specifically on Small Business Saturday. Showing up to the aforementioned early release event, our Black Friday event, or anytime this week shows you care, and we greatly appreciate that. I personally make an effort to shop at an independently owned shop on every Small Business Saturday, and this year it will be one of my favorite shops, Paisley Monkey in Lakewood Please use this digital image and print as you seem fit to support the day. We’ve found that our customers like to show their pride in shopping local so please snap a picture of yourself with the print and tag it with #shopsmall #smallbizsat and #cnjcomics on your social media for maximum reach. It’s seems like a small details but this is how we get by, with your incredible support of the dumb things we do. even if you don’t shop local with us, please make an effort to factor it into your Saturday somehow. Seriously, thank you. 


Lastly, we’re starting to take submissions for our yearly Holiday Art Show to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank. 

Are you an aspiring artist who would like to get a little exposure while being part of the big picture while using your skills to turn art into food? Well we’ve been doing this for five years now, and with your help we’ve been able to create over 10,000 meals each year for those in need. (We also take in about 1,000 food items a year as well!)

Here’s all you do: Stop by the shop and ask at the counter and they’ll set you up with a couple blank comic book covers. Some have just a logo if you’re looking for inspiration, while others are completely blank. Return the cover or covers by Thursday, December 14th at 7pm with your name, email, and URL written (clearly) inside. We allow two submissions per artist but would always prefer one that you’re really proud of over two that you feel ‘meh‘ about. But if the muse is upon you, go for it!

This year’s theme is simply “The Holiday Season”, so just find a way to incorporate your favorite comic book character(s) into Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or even New Years and you’re golden. We’re pretty liberal on the theme as long as it’s fun! Please remember to stay on the front cover of the comic for display purposes. 

Books will be displayed in an all day art show at the shop on Saturday, December 16th, which will end with our yearly Holiday Customer Appreciation Party that night. Covers may be won in a basket raffle system where one food item or one dollar gets you a ticket. All artwork will be displayed our out website for all to see post event, with links to everyone’s url’s and contacts. 

We literally will ensure that your artwork turns into food for the need during the holidays.

That’s it everyone! Thanks as always for your continued support of our efforts!