Justice League Day & Local Comic Shop Day 11-18-2017

We’ve got two events happening on the exact same day this Saturday, November 18th. Justice League Day and Local Comic Shop Day!


With the release of Justice League this Friday, DC has dedicated an entire day to all things Justice League in comics. We’ll have a Special Edition of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s original Justice League #1 to give away free with any purchase.

DC has also picked select graphic novels that they feel best represent the players involved in the movie. We’ve stocked up on the below graphic novels to make sure they’re around on the day.

We’ve also completely restocked our Justice League back issues, which are always 25% off. This led to the creation of four boxes of Justice League comics that are in order and will be only 50 cents each.

Here’s some clips from the new movie, many of which I hadn’t seen before.


The question isn’t, “will the movie be good” it’s more of a “will Aquaman be cool” thing. Josh Whedon officially has a co writer credit on the project, which by the books means he has to have written at least 30% of it. What that will do to the final product I don’t know, but a little Whedon never hurt anything.


All of this stuff is just an add on to the third annual Local Comic Shop Day!

Local Comic Shop Day is an offshoot from Record Store Day, featuring exclusive material that is only available in brick and mortar comic shops. Put together by an organization we’re very active in, ComicsPro, LCSD is intended to draw some focus to independently owned comic shops before the holiday shopping season begins. (To let you know we’re out there.) We’re pretty much always drawing attention to ourselves so we participate by offering some of those exclusive products. (I myself have waited in line to get that certain special thing on Record Store Day, so I get the routine.) Each product is branded with the LCSD logo, to let you know that you’ve made a smart purchase and shopped local. As far as I can tell, we’re the only West Side comic shop you can get this stuff at. (With Imaginary Worlds being the East Side shop.)

Here’s a list of the items we’re getting in, how many and the cost. Items are first come first serve, and the cannot be held in advance as per the rules of the day. A full breakdown on the items can be found here at the LCSD website!

  • LCSD 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank HC (4) $29.99

  • LCSD Animosity The Rise HC (3) $19.99
  • LCSD Batman Hush 15th Anniversary Deluxe Hardcover (2) $49.99

  • LCSD Black HC (3) $34.99
  • LCSD Calexit Bandana (3) $9.99
  • LCSD Captain America #695 Samnee Variant (1) $30.00 I was tempted to just keep this for myself but that’s not how it works. :/
  • LCSD Justice League VS Suicide Squad #1 Variant (9) $3.99
  • LCSD Maestros #1 Variant (10) $3.99
  • LCSD Optimus Prime First Strike Variant #1 (3) $3.99
  • LCSD Planet Hulk HC (5) $39.99
  • LCSD Rick and Morty Treasury Edition (12) $14.99

  • LCSD Robotech Kerschl Super Pack (1) $20.00
  • LCSD Saban Power Rangers Blind Box (1) $99.99 This was limited to 250 and 10% are signed by Saban himself.
  • LCSD Secret Weapons HC (1) $24.95
  • LCSD Sherlock Frankenstein #1 Variant Edition (5) $3.99
  • LCSD Star Wars Adventures #1 Samnee Variant Edition (10) $3.99

  • LCSD Tales From Johnny Wander #1 (5) $10.00
  • LCSD WWE Royal Rumble Print (3) $20.00
  • LCSD Young Terrorists HC (2) $29.99

Obviously having limited product front loads the day a bit, but we’re hoping to balance everything out with the Justice League end of it.


At any rate, it’s also time to get ready for our longest running event, Our (anti) Black Friday Sale!

On Friday November 24th from 7pm to midnight we’ll be having our annual Black Friday Sale.

For this sale we open up our back room and the foyer with over 70,000 comic books at $1.00 each. Buy 100 or more and the price drops to .50 cents each! There will be new boxes from collections we have purchased and not got around to processing. This year we will have the books in some semblance of an order to make your shopping easier, so bring your lists!

Also that night:

  • 20% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off all Back Issues
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall
  • 20% off Statues and Action Figures and Pop Fun’s

Discount Graphic Novel Bins reduced to 80% off

10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop. (you know, stuff that’s never on sale, like supplies, pub and tiki glasses)

And most importantly…

THE RAFFLES! The corner stone of keeping you in the shop longer than you’d like!

We’ll be raffling off 50 Graphic Novels at a rate of five every half hour starting at 7:30pm. One of these books each half hour will be a $100 Marvel Omnibus, and I’ve picked out some great ones.

You get a raffle ticket for every 10 dollars you spend and the tickets stay in there all night long. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Tickets are non transferable and you can win up to three times.

At midnight we raffle off a $100 gift certificate. You must also be present to win that. Lots of people head out for a few hours and return at midnight for a chance to win. (People shop, then shuttle back and forth between our shop and the Red Lantern every half hour for food and drinks. The new Working Class Brewery is now open, so that adds a new element to the night.)

We’ll also provide snacks and pop during the night, and word is a couple of those drinks may be adult beverages.


The day after that we’ll be hosting another Small Business Saturday at the shop, on Saturday, November 25th.

We will keep the $1.00 books out on this day as well, in case you’d like a second chance to browse through them in a more mellow environment. We’ll also have:

  • 10% of all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off Back Issues
  • 10% off Statues and Actions Figures

Small Business Saturday is the next day, and we do have something in the works for everyone who decides to shop that day as well. Stay tuned. (Hint, it’s an art print by a local artist featuring Winston.)

That is it for this week. Let’s cross our finger on Justice League and hope it’s as good as Thor!