Fantastic Four and Sandman Return at CNJComics

Two big releases, one from each of the big two, highlight this week’s new releases!


First, after years of absence and some petty rights issues, the Fantastic Four return this week with a new book by Dan Slott.

There has definitely been a hole in the center of the Marvel Universe since the end of Secret War, and it’s a hole that contained it’s heart. Marvel Two in One has been an outstanding stop gap book, but there’s nothing like having the Fantastic Four back on the racks.

There are so many great covers that you’ll just have to check them out here.

We won’t have all of them, but we will have a lot. As a ComicsPro member store we will have the Jen Bartel variant, which we highly recommend.

There’s even a short story inside drawn by Skottie Young!

We’ve even got classic John Romita pins to give away with your purchase!

Here’s the cover to the Kirby Variant just to give the whole “legacy” perspective.


It’s the 30th Anniversary of Sandman! Feel old yet?

Over at DC we’ve got the launch of the new Sandman Universe titles with a new one-shot plotted by Neil Gaiman himself!

This one-shot will lead into four new titles including:

  • The Dreaming
  • Lucifer
  • Books of Magic
  • and a new “House” is introduced after 50 years of Secrets and Mystery with the Hour of Whispers.

Here’s an article with a video from Neil explaining the project,

This book will also have some appropriate variants by Sam Keith, Jim Lee, David Mack, Dave McKean, P Craig Russell and Jill Thompson!

Even if you’re not a variant chaser it is still nice to be able to pick out the cover you want. As always we suggest hitting the shop early Wednesday for the best selection!

That’s it except for another shout out for our in-store signing with Sina Grace on September 21st in conjunction with Flaming River Con that same weekend.