Artists Wanted – 2018

Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop is looking for artists who would like to contribute a cover to our 6th Annual Holiday Art Show to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank.

It’s easy! Are you a local artist who would like to turn his talents into food for those in need during the holiday season? Stop by the shop and pick up a free blank cover (or two). Some are completely blank and some have a logo to help you get started.

After the loss of the patriarch of our industry, we have decided to make this year’s theme ‘Stan Lee’. You can take this into whatever direction you would like, be it a picture of Stan, or a piece inspired by one of his creations.

Art by Jeff Ritchie

Create a custom cover, sticking to the front only for display purposes. (we do not have frames that accommodate an open book. If you’d like to do that and frame it yourself we’d be happy to hang it!)

Turn the book in by Thursday December 20th at 8 pm at the latest. You can also mail your cover in if you live farther away, but we must receive it by this date.

Be sure to include your name, URL, and email contact inside the book.

Here are some submission from last year:

Art by Craig Worrell

Art by Amalia DiGirolamo

Art by Keith Allen

Covers will be on display at the shop all day on Saturday December 22nd and can be won through a basket raffle system where one dollar or one food item gets you a ticket!

Winners are drawn that night during our Holiday Customer Appreciation Party, which includes free food and drink, as well as some great shopping opportunities. Expect the whole party to have a Stan Lee feel to it, from the beer to this years give-a-way art print.

The Cleveland Food Bank has the incredible super power to turn one dollar into four full meals. With your help, we have been able to assist the Cleveland Food Bank in making over 50,000 meals over the last five years. We have also collected over 5,000 food items. We hope to make this one even more meaningful by invoking the spirit or Stan Lee and his creative process.

The artist who has the most tickets in his basket will be recognized at the party and have $100 donated to the Food Bank in their name.

All covers are put into an online gallery for all to see post event. We will attach your name and contact URL to this gallery to allow people to explore your artwork!

Here’s some previous galleries if you looking for more inspiration: – 

20172016 – 2015 – 2014 – 2013

We feel that everyone wants to do something to help others during the holidays, well this can be that thing! Your art can become food, and what’s more, it’s done in a way that brings people together.

We work with the Cleveland Food Bank because the work they do in the community is second to none.

I’m not an artist but I want to help. What can I do?

  • Send this email to a friend who is an artist and let them know about the art show.
  • Spread the word and attend the art show on December 22nd. You just may win a one of a kind piece of artwork while helping others.
  • Drop off food items at the shop anytime from now until December 24th. The food drive starts now!

I will be putting out boxes of dollar comics and refilling them all throughout the month. All sales from these boxes will go towards the food bank collection. So you get a comic book, and four meals are created. Everybody wins. It’s really awesome to see parents bringing their kids in each year to pick out books and explain to them that they’re helping the community while shopping. 🙂

Thanks everyone! We all have lots of feeling left over after the loss of Stan. Use this as a way to help process those feeling. Stan led an amazing and long life, and was loved by a terrific woman for over 70 years. His death is a loss, but it’s more inspirational than sad. Let’s get together and remember him on December 22nd in a way only Cleveland can. This is how I will process the loss, by creating something.

We only set the stage. This only works because everyone does a little bit which adds up to a greater whole, and that is what the holiday season is all about!