Claremont VIP info for FCBD and Featured New Releases for 6-23-2021

Hey everyone! First we’ll be going over the featured new releases for the week, then we’ll go over how to get tickets for our Claremont VIP package on Friday August 13th, the day before Free Comic Book Day! 

Alright, here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, June 23, 2021!


Batman Reptilian looks to be a sure fire winner, with an all new Batman story by Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher, The Boys, and writer of numerous Punisher stories. 

Brian Michael Bendis returns to the prepandemic project begun in Event Leviathan with the creation of Oliver Queen’s new underground team, Checkmate. 

Brian’s partner in crime Alex Maleev is with him again on the art, and he’s a personal favorite. 

Wonder Woman finally gets her own six issue mini series featuring some of the top talents in the industry telling short stories, all in Black and Gold.

Infinite Frontier is here and it’s a six issue mini series detailing the layout of the new DCU through stories about characters that have returned or are still lost after Death Metal and Future State. Important book. 


Marvel has their $9.99 Pride One Shot this week, which complement DC’s from a few weeks ago. 

Heroes Reborn concludes this week in the Heroes Return One Shot. What a fun run this has been.

The Hellfire Gala continues this week, with the usual party stuff like gatecrashers and after parties. 

Sword, Wolverine and Way of X are the titles to look out for. Marvel is promising a big conclusion in next week’s X-Factor. 


Spawn branches off into its own Universe with the first new title since 1992, Spawn Universe #1. Three new titles will come out of this one shot.

We’re also getting in some new Marvel Legends figures, the X-Men set as well as Thanos and MODOK.

Side note is that we are also finally getting in Silver Age Backer Boards, with another shipment on it’s way. I’ve been told that the comic supply issues are going to get worse before they gets better, so buy up what you think you’ll need while we have it in stock. Thanks Pandemic. 


OKAY! Let’s get into the Claremont VIP Event. (We posted a video about this on our Facebook Page and I highly recommend checking it out.)

To be clear, in addition to this VIP Event, Claremont will be doing an open signing from 10am to 7pm on Saturday August 14th on the actual Free Comic Book Day. Your first signature is free in the spirit of the day, and we’ll even have free Claremont books to hand out in case you’re new to the hobby and don’t have anything to sign. The below outlined event helps that to happen, so thanks in advance to all who decide to participate. 

So, on Friday August 13th from 6pm to 9pm we’ll be having a special Q and A with Claremont, followed by a signing. There are fifty seats and they cost $80 each. This will happen in the store front next to the shop that we use for FCBD. 

For the $80 you get:

  • To sit in on a Q and A between Chris and I. I’ve been doing a lot of research and am ready to go back and forth with him.
  • Three items of your choice signed for free. Chris is not a signature machine so you’ll get to meet him personally and say hi while you get your signatures. 
  • A big stack of reprints written by Chris, some really great stuff too. ($40 value)
  • You get to pick out your Free Comic Books early! While you’re waiting to get your stuff signed you can wander over to the free books and pick ten books out. 
  • First look at the Claremont Art Show, so essentially first dibs on buying the art. 
  • Raffles for stuff signed by Bill Sienkiewicz, that you can get signed by Chris if you win!
  • Tom Orzechowski, the letterer for Claremont’s X-Men run, will be in the crowd that night to talk to. Tom has the World’s Record for most issues of a single title lettered, all of Spawn except one issue. (Which was done by his wife Lois, but that’s a different story…)
  • Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped fund Free Comic Book Day and Chris’s appearance for everyone else. 

The above conditions are set in stone with a contract, with no exceptions. (ie, can I bring more stuff for him to sign and pay him $10 each to do it? No. Can you let just one more person in? No.) Please respect the process and what it took for us to get here. 

So how do I get these tickets?

On Thursday July 1st at noon we will open our doors and sell the tickets in person. One person can buy two tickets. At 1pm we will start accepting phone calls with credit cards. (That’s a good one hour where we favor people who are actually walking into the shop out of respect for out regular customers.) Remember, even if you can’t get tickets you still have every opportunity to talk to Chris the next day. Mrs Dudas says I should make it clear that there’s a really good chance tickets will be sold out before 1pm, so plan accordingly. Respectfully, do not contact us for exemptions to this process, only clarifications.

We are going to try and broadcast the Q and A live on Facebook that night, so everyone will get a chance to see it and get jazzed up for the next day!

I’m personally super excited for the whole thing. We had a different format for our Steranko event but that turned out to be a heck of a night. 

Thanks to everyone for helping us to get this together. Having Chris out is our way of trying to glide back to normal, and we’ve gotten great feedback so far!

Both Jim and I are out of the shop this week, so please support Ben as he assumes command of the Bridge. (Shearer is like Spock in this scenario. Raph is likely Sulu. I suspect Felipe is Chekov.)