DC Pride / Batman Fortnite and other featured new releases at CNJComics 6-9-2021

First off we’d like to thank everyone for a very successful week of peeling back the CoVid restrictions. Everyone was super cool about it, some people wore masks, some didn’t, and everyone was respectful of each other. It felt good to be able to see everyone! Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have the kids table back up, which is a huge thing to me. 

On to the books!


First up is DC’s Pride One Shot, nine new stories featuring LGBTQIA from the DCU. 

$9.99 book with the first appearance of Dreamer from the Supergirl show. 

We finally have copies of Batman Fornite #1 (3rd print) and Batman Fornite #4 (2nd print) hitting the table! Lots of them actually!

Both books are $4.99 each and have the corresponding download codes in them!

Geoff John’s and Gary Frank have gotten back together for another Batman Earth One Original Hardcover!

These books are always a hit and Johns was the writer of Three Jokers. (so yeah it’s awesome.)


Marvel is continuing their three big storylines this week, The Hellfire Gala in the X-titles, War of the Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars books, and honestly Heroes Reborn is incredibly fun and a new shop favorite. 

I thought last week’s Hellfire Gala issues were great, it’s crazy to have a multi-part crossover that takes place in one night. This week we get to see the new X-Men team in X-Men issue #21.

Excalibur #21 is also available.

Heroes Reborn is on issue #6 (of 7, it’s weekly.) but the real fun looks like the Nighthawk Spider-Gwen mashup of Night-Bird.

It’s a one shot to go with the regular title. 

War of the Bounty Hunters continues if Star Wars Bounty Hunters #13.

You can also get a second printing of the book that launched it all, the War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha One Shot. 

In the indie realm, Image Comics has a new book from Kyle Starks. (remember him, he came out to the shop when the Rick-Mobile was here.)

The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton! “The world’s most unlikable action star has been found dead, and his previous TV sidekicks are looking to solve the mystery. But how can you catch a murderer when almost everyone hated the victim? Now these sidekicks are going to learn what it means to be the stars of the show…that is, if any of them survive the STUNTMAN WAR!”

Lastly, heads up that we just got a new collection in and it will be out Wednesday morning. A late 90’s early 2000’s collection but everything was so meticulously taken care of the average grade is a 9.4 plus. Back issue are still 25% off as always!

Thanks again! Get ready for some Free Comic Book Day details soon!