Featured New Releases for 6-2-2021 at CNJComics!

First up, be advised that as of June 2nd the decision to wear a mask in the shop is your own! Health measures in Ohio are now down and it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you. We will support you decision either way! To celebrate we will completely rerack the back issue wall with new books! Check out our Facebook video to see what’s up there.


Now on to the featured new releases for Wednesday June 2nd, 2021!


This week is the debut of the Hellfire Gala in Marauders #21, a twelve part storyline in all the “X” titles in the month of June!

It actually looks like alot of fun, with all the stuff you’d expect at a big party, outfits, party crashers and big announcements. (like the reveal of the new X-Men team and supposedly a major death in the final act.)

You can also get two more parts this weeks, Hellions #12 and X-Force #20!

For you Star Wars fans the first issue of War of the Bounty Hunters is out!

A five issue mini series and the biggest crossover event in Star Wars comic history. The full story about Boba Fett delivering Han Solo to Jabba the Hut.


It is LGBT Pride Month is in June, so look for lots of cool variant covers like the one to this week’s Batman #109!

Also, though we do not have copies hitting the table, if you preordered Batman Fortnite #4 it will be in your file this week!

Crush and her dad Lobo get their own eight issue mini series!


For fans of Something is Killing the Children, James Tynion IV has a new horror book from DC, Nice House on the Lake #1.

“Everyone who was invited to the house knows Walter—well, they know him a little, anyway. Some met him in childhood; some met him months ago. And Walter’s always been a little…off. But after the hardest year of their lives, nobody was going to turn down Walter’s invitation to an astonishingly beautiful house in the woods, overlooking an enormous sylvan lake. It’s beautiful, it’s opulent, it’s private—so a week of putting up with Walter’s weird little schemes and nicknames in exchange for the vacation of a lifetime? Why not? All of them were at that moment in their lives when they could feel themselves pulling away from their other friends; wouldn’t a chance to reconnect be…nice?”

Robert Kirkman’s cool kung-fu epic “Firepower” hits it’s 12th issue this week, and there’s 15 different covers to celebrate. (Like this one from Frank Miller)

Lastly, on new Krypto graphic novel for the kids!

Thanks again for helping us get to this point!