Free Comic Book Day Updates for CNJComics on 8-14-2021

Hey! Here’s a handful of updates for this years Free Comic Book Day! 

If you haven’t read last week’s email yet with all the original info here’s a link to it!

Be sure to check all of that out first!

So, the Chris Claremont art show has come together really well, thanks to Kristen and Sean for that. Artists that will have work in the show include:

Ammie Doan – Angela Oster – Artemis Burns – Ashley Ribblett – Beckett Kashuba – Ben Hale – Brian Gleine – CHOD – Quill Kolat – Dave Wendt – David Franklin – Eric Kaplan – Heather Curtiss – J.J. Lendl – Jake Kelly – Janie Walland – Julia Whittaker – Katie Avila – Katie Kunze – Kristen Burns – Lashanta Knowles – Lauren Chaikin – Lisastarchild Pinkston – Michelle Littlejohn – Miguel Hernandez – Natalie Kurtz – Phil Fried- -Rick Sans – Robert Walland – Ryan Kacsandy – Sean Burns – Sergio Andujar II – Shawny Walthaw – Steve King – Taylor Reyes – Tim Switalski – maybe more!

(picture from previous art show)

Support Local Artists! Be prepared to to spend some money in our artists alley! It’s been a rough year and these fine people have kept at it. 

Local artists who will be setting up and doing free sketches at the event include:

Ashley Ribblett – Artemis Burns – Brian Gleine – CHOD – Dave Wendt – David Franklin – Heather Curtiss – J.J. Lendl – Jake Kelly – Janie Walland – Phil Fried – Rick Sans – Robert Walland – Ryan Kacsandy – Sergio Andujar II – Shawny Walthaw – Taylor Reyes

Sketches are free but artists will have tip jars so please do the right thing and help them out in any way you can! Spend some money at their tables!

I recently went and purchased 1,000 copies of X-Men #1 from 1991 by Claremont and it will be one of our extra free comic book day books this year! 

I love the idea of parents who bought a copy back in the day sharing the book with their kid(s) today. We love that comics are a shared and generational property!

The Panel Scanners will be set up and broadcasting their podcast from right outside the FCBD room.

“The Panel Scanners Podcast is a celebration of a truly original American art form; the comic book.

The Panel Scanners are proud to be recording live from the FCBD event for the fourth time. Stop by and say hello, and let us know which books you’re excited about.”

The Ghostbusters: Cleveland have decided to add themselves to the cosplay line up Saturday morning. Come and check them out.

Laura and Zachariah from the Big Bad Movie Show will be setting up from noon until 2pm and autographing free prints by local artist Erin Caruso  that we had designed just for the day.

Yes, Laura is our regular event photographer!

We loved Jameson’s art for the past three year’s lithographs that we decided to print them up on 5×7 postcards without text and give them away free with any purchase on the day. 

That’s it for now! Be sure to keep your eyes open for our final email on the event next week!