New Releases – 9.22.2021

Happy Wednesday everybody! Raf here, long time listener first time caller, filling in for John and it’s that magical time of the week, New Comic Book Day! Lots of exciting books out this week, and maybe even some new titles to freshen up your pull lists. Let’s get into it!


It’s a biggie this week from the House of Ideas as the Death of Doctor Strange miniseries kicks off with issue #1. Stephen hasn’t had his own book in a while, and this is how you treat him, Marvel!? Just a few months ahead of his big screen sequel no less. We’ll have to read and see what writer Jed Mackay of Black Cat and Moon Knight throws his way, but it sets itself up as the last days of the Sorcerer Supreme.


Gotham’s been a strange sort of place (stranger than usual) this past year under the helm of James Tynion IV, and new this week is Batman #113. And going right along with it is also the first big wave of Fear State tie-ins to really show just how dire things have gotten in town. Tynion’s got two new issues this week with the main Batman title, and also a new Secret Files highlighting one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters to come out of Gotham in recent memory with Batman Secret Files: Miracle Molly #1. 

Promising to detail her never before told origin, she’s sure to be a major player in the events of THE Bat event of 2021. Rounding out things in Gotham too this week are new issues of Tom Taylor’s Nightwing and Catwoman.

Fresh off of his appearances in this year’s Suicide Squad and Free Comic Book Day special, King Shark has a new miniseries starting up with Suicide Squad: King Shark #1. King Shark finds himself in a tournament to the death with some of the deadliest human-animal hybrid creatures of the DC universe? I’ll take a bite.


If you’ve talked to me before at the shop, you probably know that I’m a little all over the place when it comes to what I read, shout out to Omaha, but that’s what I love about the indie books; New stories, new characters, new possibilities. And we’ve got that in spades this week.

From Aftershock we’ve got one of John S’s recent favorites with Scouts Honor finally collected in trade paperback, He Who Fights With Monsters #1 from the artist behind the smash horror hit Something Is Killing the Children, a new Image #1 in Frontiersman, and BY GAWD *Jim Ross voice*, could it be true, a new issue of TMNT Last Ronin also!?!?

Plenty of cool new things to check out this week.

Well that’s it for me. Stop by to be silently judged by Winston, and also to check out our recent restock on the manga section. It’s been tough this year to keep in stock, the whole industry has really exploded in popularity, but we’ve got some awesome stuff back in and more on the way just in time for Spooky Season too. Even some Berserk! You’ll personally make me very happy with that choice. John and I have been working hard to fill it and make it our own. Don’t be like Ben, and give something a shot. J

Peace, Love, and Comics

Rafael Calzada