Black Friday Weekend and Artists Wanted for Art Show

It’s time to make Black Friday great again. Again.

Black Friday Details

This year we will once again be extending Black Friday throughout the whole weekend, from Friday, November 26th to Sunday, November 28th.

For the first time in a long time, we will be having 50% off all back issues in the shop!

Over the last three months, we’ve gotten in three large Silver / Bronze collections that everyone has been enjoying. This will be the first time they will be at 50% off!

There will be at least 20 long boxes of late Silver and early Bronze Marvels’s and DC’s to go through, and I add more books every day.

A lot of the keys may be gone, but it’s time to enjoy the bread and butter books to help fill your collection at a great price.

We will also be giving 10% off everything else in the shop! It’s worth noting that because of some foresight on our part, we do have a full inventory of all comic book collecting supplies, including bags and boards. (you know, the good stuff man! 2 mil polypropylene, not that 3 mil polyethylene garbage.)

We will also be pulling the Marvel and DC books out of our storage locker and putting them into the foyer at $1.00 each. (50 cents each for 100 or more)

We will be closed on Thursday so our staff can spend Thanksgiving with their friends and families.

We’ll be open from noon till 8 pm on Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday

We’ll be open from 10 am to 7 pm for Small Business Saturday.

Sharing your love of a small business on social media on Small Business Saturday is a really great way to help the business you care about. Shop Small and Feed the Cat!

We’ll then close the week out on Sunday from noon until 5 pm.

Genghis Con

Sunday Genghis Con will also be hosting another pop-up event at the Pivot Art Center so please make the time to check that out too! (this past weekend we were able to collect $581 to donate to Genghis Con from the sale of our small press dollar stock, thank you all for helping with that.)

Art Show Information.

Every year with your help we put together an art show to help benefit the Cleveland Food Bank. We provide the theme, the blank comic book covers, and the venue, while you provide the artwork!

For this year’s theme be prepared to answer the question “What If…”

You can take the theme in any comic book-related direction that you’d like to go. Create a “What If” situation of your own and have fun with it!

Here’s how you participate! Stop by the shop and pick up a blank cover from us. They are free of charge and you can do two if you like. Please complete the cover with any medium you choose. (This includes digital! A lot of people now print their art out on cardstock and glue it to the cover of the book.) The artwork needs to be turned in by Sunday, December 12th at 5 pm. Please keep artwork to the front of the cover only, we only have the ability to display them this way. When you stop by to pick up a cover please connect with an employee so they can take down your contact information. We also use this info to promote you after the event through a Facebook Gallery of all the artwork! We also ask that you put your info on the inside front cover so we have a backup. (If you’ve submitted a cover in the past we likely have your info on file and we can double-check it for you.) If you do not want to letter the “What If” prose to your cover on the front just write the scenario you’re depicting inside the front cover and we’ll make sure it’s printed on the frame we display it in. Meaning, If you want to fill the cover with artwork for “What If Thanos became Santa Claus?” just let us know and we’ll print the words out so everyone knows what they’re looking at. Here are a few past covers for inspiration:

At by Craig Worrell @notsquid

Art by Logan Dorado

Art by Tim Switalski

Over the five days of the art show, people can purchase tickets for a dollar that can go towards the artwork of their choice in a basket raffle system. The art show will last from Wednesday, December 15th to Sunday the 19th in the foyer next to the shop. Winners will be pulled starting at 6 pm on Sunday the 19th on Facebook Live, you do not have to be watching to win. (We will likely be drinking, and we hope you will be too.) The live video is sort of an employee variety show and we had a lot of fun doing it last year.

ALL of the money collected will go directly to the food bank. We are bummed that we cannot do an in-person Christmas Party again this year (cue the eye roll.) but we just don’t think the metrics are quite there yet for a (very) close quarters gathering with alcohol. (Next year I promise!)

We used this format last year and set a record for meals created 20,360.

(This is how we tally the results, with $1.00 helping the Cleveland Food Bank to create four full meals during the holidays.) Our lifetime total of meals created sits at 98,004, so we’re excited to cross the 100,000 mark this year!

So please, reach out to any artist friends you have and let them know about this. We can turn your artistic skills into food for the needy during the holidays!

As always thank you for your help with all of our endeavors!