Free Comic Book Day Updates for CNJComics

Free Comic Book Day is only a few days away! We’ve got some last-minute announcements (important stuff!) so be sure to read through the whole email!

The big news is this: Shooter’s signatures will now be free. That’s right, forget what you’ve heard before. We found a way to prepay for everyone’s signatures and they’re on us. The only drag is that you’re now at a five-signature limit. We know this will bum some people out but it’s a best way to keep that line moving, which was our major complaint from Claremont’s visit. (If you are bummed out just think of all the money you saved.)

Remember that we’ve got four hundred copies of Avengers #211 to give away for free, so everyone has something to sign. It looks like Shooter will have some prints to sell as well.

Thanks to Jeff Ritchie for our photo backdrop! It was hand-drawn and there will be two hanging up for you to use.

Luna has been working hard putting together our biggest play area ever!

More big news! Back Issues will be 50% off all weekend starting on Thursday! (Come in early on Thursday or later on Sunday if you want to shop without the crowds!)

Even more exciting is that we have twenty vendors lined up in the Free Comic Book room! Free sketches are unfortunately a thing of the past, but we’ve got a fun pop culture “farmers market’ for you to look at while your kids are playing. (Some legacy artists may still be doing sketches but don’t expect it.)

Here’s the lineup:

Our own Jameson Campbell will be signing the FCBD lithographs from 10am till noon. He’s got 100 to give away for free, then you’ve got to get one with a purchase back at the comic shop.

“Jameson is a graphic designer, photographer, video game collector, and lifetime Spider-Man fan. 2022’s poster marks the 10th years of making custom lithographs for the event:

Word is that Luna will be taking his spot at noon and drawing “rainbows and kitties”. Try and catch her before she bails!

Brian Gleine: “Every new project I make is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. #humblebrag Enamel pins, comics, children’s books, prints, stickers, and various nonsense. Master of None? More like Master of FUN.”

CHOD: “CHOD does drawings, paintings, comics, sculptures and whatever art medium to create monstery goodness. Every once in a while, he will do art about something else, but it always goes back to monsters, fun, fun monsters.”

Jeff Ritchie: “Jeff Ritchie is a freelance artist living in Lakewood Ohio. Geeky fun prints, stickers and original art will be up for sale at his table.”

J.J. Lendl: “J.J. Lendl is a Lakewood-based artist and designer known for his film and TV posters and comic book cover art. He’s created official artwork for Star Wars, the MCU, The X-Files, Star Trek, and more, with clients including Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, IDW Comics, and CBS Studios.”

Ashley Ribblett: “Hello hello! I’m a queer artist livin’ in Lakewood makin’ pins, zines, and all kinds of weird camp and horror-related art. If that’s your vibe come holler at me and let’s make it weird!”

Ashley Ross: “Ashley is a tattoo artist out of Cleveland who splits her time between the shop and creating fantastic pop culture inspired plush dolls, stickers and more! Inspired by TV, films, and fandoms there is sure to be something she creates that appeals to everyone.”

Heather Curtiss (aka TipToppedArt): “Heather is a self-taught artist who enjoys drawing whimsical creatures, working mostly in watercolors and acrylics. She will have numerous prints and a few originals for sale.”

Sergio Andujar II and Rick Sans: “SergAndDestroy is a creative from the Cleveland area. He specializes in illustration, graffiti, graphic design and designer toys.” “Rick is a creative professional, lifelong artist and musician. Fan of anything creative, weird and unusual. Known for customizing and creating art toys, painting on records and any other surface.”

Addy Neilson: “Tangled Earth Arts specializes in fantasy, pop-culture, and gaming themed jewelry and art. Each piece is handmade and designed for the discerning geek.”

Perris Mackey: “Pop culture nostalgia packed into unique handmade collages”

Phil Fried: “I will be doing free sketches on backing boards and selling prints and original art as well.  I am also available for commissions as well.  Thanks and I look forward to seeing you there!!”

David Franklin: “David is founder of Boo’s Dismay Art! I draw and paint, as well as make decals and work with other mediums!”

Katie Avila: ‘Katie Brain Projector are playful illustrations that always incorporate a bit of the weird and ridiculous. I’ll have prints, stickers, and greeting cards of pop culture mashups and original artwork and characters.’

Our two organizers (who will also have tables) are Kristen and Sean Burns: “Kristen is a maker of geeky, silly, and spooky soaps and art, and Sean is a Cleveland area artist, musician, and designer into Retro Futurist Sci-fi Inspired Art.”

Other vendors include Circe Ceramics, Lashanta Knowles, and Andrew Stewart!

Please throw as much money around the vending space as possible! Use the money you saved on signatures!

Carol will also be joining us Saturday morning, so be sure to get there early!

Okay, everyone! That’s it! We’re looking good so get your costume ready and we’ll see you on Saturday! Excelsior!

Just follow the signs to your free comics on Free Comic Book Day!