Raf’s Summer Solstice Comics for 6.22.2022

Hey, Carol and John’s Shoppers! It’s a pretty diverse lineup this week here at the shop, with new releases from less explored corners of the Marvel and DC Universes, and a range of small press titles too. There’s a lot to go over, so let’s check it out.

DC Comics

“There is no forgiveness for Black Adam. This is the reality Teth-Adam, an immortal man of indomitable will, must face when he discovers he has been infected with an incurable plague destroying his immortality. Haunted by the specter of centuries of dark deeds, Black Adam transfers his powers to a worthy successor who will redeem Adam’s legacy and defend their ancestral homeland of Kahndaq, only to subsequently become mystically handcuffed to him when Adam’s plague is arrested, giving birth to perhaps the most volatile and dysfunctional super-team in DC history!” A new 12-issue maxiseries set around the man you love to hate; Black Adam is back in his own series just in time for the movie later this summer. This is a great new direction for the character, something new and old fans will appreciate.

Milestones In History is a new, oversized special featuring the stories of real trailblazing Black and African figures like the Queen of Sheba, Hannibal Barca, Alexandre Dumas, the artist formerly known as Prince (!), and more. With a talented pool of writers and artists from different disciplines, and told from the perspective of the Milestone characters, this one-shot is both an excellent Milestone book but also a great piece of historical fiction and nonfiction alike. Plus, the final page includes a shocking revelation that is a preview of what’s to come from the Milestone Universe in the future.

Marvel Comics

Marvel has been tapping into the well and going back in time to tell new stories set during previous runs, and this week it’s the return of the New Fantastic Four. “Spider-Man! Ghost Rider! Wolverine! Hulk! When these unlikely heroes first banded together to become the New Fantastic Four, they made Marvel history. Now, this fan-favorite team returns in an all-new adventure written by Peter David! Set shortly after the events of the group’s first appearance, brace yourself for a wild ride and guest stars aplenty — including the original FF. Plus, a series of mysterious villains that you’ll never see coming!” This is a new five-issue miniseries with a little something for any Marvel fan.

Jason Aaron’s Punisher series has been a great comeback for the deadliest man in the Marvel Universe, and now there’s a new series beginning this week that fills in the gaps between the previous runs and this new status quo for the Fist of the Beast. In Punisher: War Journal Blitz, writer Torunn Grønbekk and artist Lan Medina team up to tell the story of Frank hunting down Hate-Monger with the help of the Hand. Any new Punisher is welcome here at the shop, and we’re excited to learn more about Frank and his dealings with the Hand. An awesome miniseries addition to the main title!

Small Press

Fan-favorite character Clementine, first introduced in the Telltale Walking Dead video game series, finally makes her comics debut in this first book of a trilogy of YA graphic novels from Skybound. “Clementine is back on the road, looking to put her traumatic past behind her and forge a new path all her own. But when she comes across an Amish teenager named Amos with his head in the clouds, the unlikely pair journeys North to an abandoned ski resort in Vermont, where they meet up with a small group of teenagers attempting to build a new, walker-free settlement. As friendship, rivalry, and romance begin to blossom amongst the group, the harsh winter soon reveals that the biggest threat to their survival… might be each other.” This is an intimate, coming-of-age YA graphic novel series written and drawn by two-time Eisner award-winner Tillie Walden.

I’ve been looking forward to this one coming out in trade paperback for a while; the full story of the 1980’s underground Bayou wrestling reimagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is finally collected in the Crimson Cage TP. We’ve talked a lot about AWA, both in the emails and in the shop, and this was an awesome book that they put out earlier this year. I only read issue #1 of this series, but I knew as soon as I finished it, that I was going to be picking up this collection as soon as I could. If you really dug Do A Powerbomb last week, pick this one up too. All five issues for only $9.99!

“When a Viking prince finds the Eye of Odin, he must return it to its rightful owner or face a death of boils and decay. By his side are a one-armed warrior past his prime and a female warrior convinced she’s a Valkyrie. Monstrous mayhem ensues.” From the creator of Vinyl and Plastic (some of John Shearer’s favorite recommendations), Beware the Eye of Odin is a four-issue fantasy romp perfect for fans of Barbaric and Maestros (deep cut there, Raf).

It’s a pretty musical week this week, between Prince appearing in Milestones In History and now the David Bowie In Comics hardcover. “From David Jones to David Bowie and from Space Oddity to Black Star, discover the fate of an artist with a thousand faces. He is one of the most influential and creative artists of the 20th century. He explored a thousand styles and crossed the ages with splendor. His loss leaves an immense void… to fill it, discover his incredible destiny in this comics biography.” Rock on. Now if only we could get a Pink Floyd The Wall comic adaptation…

These are just some of the highlights from this week. We’ve got some Dark Crisis tie-ins beginning the week for DC, and new issues of Amazing Spider-Man and Moon Knight as well. Be sure to stop in and see what all is good. In the meantime, take care, and we’ll see you around.