Not-At-Comicon Sale and Eddie Munster at CNJComcs

It’s time for our yearly sale for all of us who are left behind while San Diego Comicon is in full swing, our ‘Not-At-Comicon’ sale!

Running the exact dates as Comicon, July 21st to the 24th, our sale features two major discounts, 50% off ALL back issues and 10% off everything else in the shop.

The biggest part of the sale is that it’s one of only two times during the year (the other being Black Friday weekend) that we take over the foyer attached to our shop and fill it with all the overstock we’ve accumulated over the year. This year we’ve set a record with over 160 long boxes going out, all at only $1.00 per book. (50 cents each for 100 or more, so be ready to dig.)

While the books aren’t in perfect order, we do tend to throw them in the right direction to make digging easier.

This Thursday, July 21st, the first day of the sale, will also be our first “Late Night Comics” event, where we clear off the new comic table and fill it with even more dollar stock.

We’ll keep the store open from 8 pm to Midnight, play some records, hang out, and whatnot. This move is inspired by the new Late Nite Records shop on Walton Road, which reminded us of the fun of shopping late at Tower Records back in the day.

This will also be a more mellow way to dig through all that dollar stock in the foyer as well.

 We hope to continue this tradition on the third Thursday of every month, again filling the new comic table with dollar stock each time. (Hey, it’s not doing anyone any good in our storage locker!)

Another big announcement is that we will host Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) at the comic shop on Friday, July 29th, from 5 pm to 8 pm! Laura Wimbels, Lenora from the Big Bad B Movie Show, will also be joining us!

This effort is in conjunction with the Cleveland Haunt Club, a great local Facebook group that creates an online map of some of the best Halloween displays in the area. Mrs. Dudas and I are big into decorating, and we’ve had our house on the map for several years!

Butch is bringing the Munsters Koach, and for a bit of money, you can take a ride in it. We’re not in charge of this end of it, but we’ve been told a photo is $10, a Photo and Autograph is $20, and a ride in the Koach is $50.

Local legend and DJ Kung Fu Bob will also be around spinning some horror soundtracks and music to keep the evening moving.

Butch will also appear at the Haunted Garage Sale the next day, a meet-up run by the Cleveland Haunt Club, where people sell and trade old Halloween Decorations! (It’s gotten to be huge over the years!)

We hope everyone’s summer is going great, and thank you from the entire staff for embracing our bizarre events and culture! (Also, Happy 50th Birthday to senior staff member John Shearer!)