Andrea’s Everlasting Picks for 8.10.2022

Hey Comic Shop Friends! We’ve got a bunch of cool number ones this week and two timely tie-ins, so let’s get into it!


Prey, the new Predator movie, came out on Hulu last week. Kyle and I both watched it and thought it was great. Check out the trailer below.

Marvel timed the release of Predator #1 to follow the release of the new film, and this is the first time they’ve held the license for Predator. Ed Brisson and Kev Walker have created a violent new chapter in the Predator saga with this six-issue miniseries. As a child, Theta sees her family murdered by a Predator. Now using stolen tech, she won’t stop stalking the deadliest hunters in the universe until the one who killed her family is dead. Or she is.

Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1 is the start of the saga of Kamala Khan’s superhero team-ups over the next couple of months. This month she teams up with Wolverine and the X-Men to help take down a mysterious insect threat in New York City. This is a fun story written by Jody Houser and art by Ze Carlos. Next up, Moon Knight and Venom!

X-Men Legends #1 kicks off a new volume of new, in-continuity stories covering X-Men history by a host of legendary creators. Roy Thomas returns to take us through the period between his run and Giant-Size X-Men #1, detailing Wolverine’s government missions before his recruitment by Professor X, featuring the Hulk and Jack O’Diamonds. The following issues feature an untold episode involving Beast and missing mutants and the secret behind Wolverine’s costume.


I’m a few episodes into The Sandman on Netflix right now and am enjoying it even though I’m not a big fan of the comics. (I do really like Death!) Check out the trailer below, and then come in for The Sandman Special Edition comic.

We’ve got 200 copies of The Sandman Special Edition to give away for free with purchase! This promo comic features an excerpt of 1988’s The Sandman #1 written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Sam Kieth, with a reading guide to the saga.

If you’re enjoying the show and haven’t gotten into the comic yet, we stocked up on the trade paperbacks and also have the new Sandman Universe Nightmare Country issues.

From Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine, DCeased: War of the Undead Gods is the epic final chapter in the massive DCeased franchise. What began as a battle for Earth has become a war for the galaxy. The emergence of a reborn, undead Darkseid in DCeased: Dead Planet set the stage for the most devastating conflict yet for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. As the Anti-Life Equation spreads into the cosmos, the survivors of Earth prepare for the coming apocalypse and realize their only hope could lie in the most powerful surviving hero from the first DCeased series.

Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Green Lantern #1 is a “What If” type of story, following Dark Crisis #3. Earth’s Defenders sacrificed themselves to save the Multiverse, but the spirit of the Justice League can never truly die. Where there’s life, there’s hope, and with that hope comes a deeper unraveling of the tapestry of the DCU’s biggest event of 2022! John Stewart defends his planet as the Emerald Knight of Justice alongside allies Red Hood and the blind prophet Kyle Rayner. In the backup story, Hawkgirl goes treasure hunting in her own unique world.


Deadliest Bouquet is a new Image miniseries written by Erica Schultz with art by Carola Borelli. Jasmine Hawthorn was a hard-edged Nazi hunter who trained her daughters, Rose, Poppy, and Violet, in the art of espionage. But in 1998, when her complicated past finally catches up with her, it’s up to the sisters to come together and solve their mom’s murder. There’s intrigue, family secrets, and sibling bickering galore.

Love Everlasting is another new ongoing Image series from Tom King and Elsa Charretier set in the world of pulp Romance Comics! Joan Peterson discovers that she is trapped in an endless cycle, a problem to be solved, a man to marry, and every time she falls in love, she disappears into another teary saga. Somewhat Groundhog Day-ish, somewhat Quantum Leap-ish, and very Tom King-y (as Ben said), this one has me intrigued.

Also, this week, shop favorite Eight Billion Genies is back with issue 4, and we’ve got reprints of issues 2 and 3 on the table. The Maniac of New York: the Bronx is Burning collection is out, and we’ve got copies of the first series trade on the wall.

John bought a few collections recently, so stop in and check out all the new back issues we’re working on. I put a long box of women-led series on the table last week, along with some more recent small press, and Raf’s working on a couple of new boxes of Conan books!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the kind words in my first email!

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