Andrea’s Spooky Selections for 09.07.2022

Hello Comic Shop Friends! We’ve got lots of Batman this week, some new number ones, and some horror for the start of the spooky season!

First, there was a nationwide issue with shipping on some Marvel titles, so we are currently missing some of this week’s books. These are: Punisher, Star Wars, Wolverine, New Mutants, Moon Knight, and Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. If you find you’re missing those, we will have them in, but there’s no timeline on when yet.

But let’s get into what we do have!


The new Alien series from Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Julius Ohta starts this month. A small colony of synths has secretly settled on a backwater moon, but when soldiers attack and the synths are asked to help retrieve biotech on a hostile planet, they have to decide if the prospect of peace is worth the risk of betrayal. And flashbacks to Aliens tearing people up! That’s what you want from an Alien book!

All-Out Avengers is an all-new Avengers series from Derek Landy and Greg Land. Dropping you right into the middle of the action with a murderous Captain Marvel; and Blade, Cap, and Spider-Woman not remembering how they got onto an alien ship with 613 toilets. Also, in the team Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. They really are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s a pity that won’t be enough to save them.

The second Moon Girl one shot sees her teaming up with the X-Men, Havok, and Wolverine! After tracking down Devil Dinosaur with the help of Captain Marvel, Lunella finds that her connection to DD is broken and now has to travel to Counter-Earth to stop the High Evolutionary and save her best friend. Featuring clone dinos and lots of animal-human hybrids! Following this story is the new Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series coming in December.


From Lee Bermejo, Dear Detective is one part prestige art book and one-part compelling noir tale. Combining some of Bermejo’s best Batman covers with letters to the Detective that weave together into a Zodiac-esque story that hits the heart of the Dark Knight’s crusade. A surprisingly effective read, given it is repurposing cover art. Check it out.

This new all-ages five-issue mini-series from J. Torres and Erich Owen starts after a massive breakout at Arkham Asylum. Batman, Batgirl, and Robin are on a mission to catch the escapees. First is Clayface, and Batgirl uses social media to tap into an informal network to track him, which leads Batman to create a network of informants and spies called Knightwatch! This is a fun read and an easy jumping-on point for new Bat-family readers.

Dark Knights of Steel: Tales From the Three Kingdoms is a one-shot written by Tom Taylor, Jay Kristoff, and CS Pacat. The El Kingdom has been ruled with integrity and honesty for generations, and the kingdom’s future lies with its three heirs: Bruce, Zala, and Kal-El. These stories take place in different times during the childhoods of the three. What challenges will they face? What really prepared them for their tumultuous future?


It’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s 60th Anniversary, and she doesn’t look a day over seventeen! This Anniversary Spectacular starts with a brand new story introducing her new nemesis, Amber Nightstone. Born at the same time as Sabrina, Amber now wants her turn in the human world. This issue also contains four other classic stories and is a good all ages read to start off the Halloween season.

Dark Horse has a new Tales From the Crypt-esque horror anthology flip book, Shock Shop, written by Cullen Bunn and art by Danny Luckert and Leila Leiz. Our horror host, Desdaemona Nimue Moreau, leads us through two tales. In the first, Something In the Woods In the Dark, a married couple going through a tough time go camping with a few friends, but when something in the woods starts killing them, they find it may have ties to the campers. On the flip side, Familiars, Trevor discovers his new house is haunted. We have covers A and B hitting the table, and since it’s a flip book, you get four great covers total!

A new Image ongoing series, Antioch, by Patrick Kindlon and Marco Ferrari, follows the events of the Frontiersman series. To stop us from killing the planet, a king from a lost continent joins our world, but his title is useless and his powers will only matter if they help him survive in superhuman prison. We still have the Lock Up Special and Volume One of Frontiersman in stock if you want to read those before jumping into Antioch.

In shop news, this Friday, John will be putting out three new long boxes from the Celebrezze Collection! Featuring Justice League, Shazam, Atom, Fourth World titles, and more!

And if you need to get into the Halloween spirit, we just added a Walking Dead collection to our small press back issues, filling in a lot of issues that weren’t there, and there are a few other horror titles in there too. Come check it out before I decide I need to add them to my horror collection.