Halloween Weekend at CNJComics

Hey everyone, Andrea’s on her Halloween Honeymoon, so it’s just me this week with a few reminders!

This weekend we’ll be celebrating Halloween by having 50% off back issues all weekend, including the wall!

If you just want to shop, we suggest stopping in on Saturday for a leisurely browse, as Sunday may get a little crazy with our full-on Halloween event!

On Sunday from noon until 5 pm, we’ll be giving out free comic books to all in costume and even a few to those that are not.

We’ve got nine different books to choose from, and if you’re in costume, you can take all nine. (that are age appropriate!)

Books include Amazing Spider-Man, Star Wars Doctor Aphra, Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur, Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Strange Academy, Godzilla, Parasyte, Batman: Hush, Batman’s Mystery Casebook, and Black Adam!

We will also have lots of candy to give away as well!

In the foyer, Laura Wimbels will take pictures of everyone in costume for us to post on our Facebook Page! This is a great chance to get a free professional photo of your cosplay, your family costumes, or just you being awesome!

Laura’s new episode of Midnight Rental can be found here!

The staff always has a great day running around the shop in costume, taking pictures with everyone, it’s a highlight of the year, and we’re very happy to have Laura back documenting it all for us!

It’s been a great week for Marvel, with trailers for both Ant-Man Quantumania and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special!

Lastly, save the date and look in your free tickets to hear our own Ben Joines-Mundy speak at the Cleveland Museum of Art at the Art of Collecting lecture!

Our own Benjamin Joines-Mundy will speak at the Cleveland Museum of Art on November 11th at 6 pm!

“Why do people collect? And what personal value do collections hold? Join CMA Chief Curator Heather Lemonedes Brown (curator of “Impressionism to Modernism: The Keithley Collection”), comic book collector Benjamin Joines-Mundy (Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop), sneaker collector and authenticator Sadelle Moore (StockX), and music critic and record collector Annie Zaleski (“Duran Duran’s Rio”) for a conversation about the passion that drives collecting. Organized in conjunction with the exhibition “Impressionism to Modernism: The Keithley Collection.”

Please reserve tickets Here!

That’s it, everyone! We’ll see you this weekend at the comic shop!