October Events at CNJComics

Hey everyone, John D here! Andrea’s been doing a great job of keeping us updated on all the new releases, but I’m here to give you a rundown of what we’ve got going for the month of October, including Halloween!

First up, we’ll be hosting another Late-Nite Comics event on Thursday, October 20th, from 8 pm to Midnight! (Always on the third Thursday of the month!)

As anyone who went to the last one knows, we are now pulling $1.00 unprocessed overstock out of our back room, with some really great stuff in there that we just haven’t gotten around to processing. Crazy good stuff, and we shoot for forty long boxes at every event.

Since it’s Halloween season, we thought we’d invite a special guest out to the event. We bumped into Cory Holliday at the Cleveland Haunt Club’s event, and he had some really great artwork paying homage to Classic Comic Book Covers and Horror characters.

Cory will be setting up inside the shop and selling prints from 6 pm to midnight on the 20th. (So he’ll be starting a little earlier than Late-Nite Comics, so anyone who can’t make it that late can check out his stuff as well) Here’s a link to Cory’s “Vile Consumption” page to showcase some of his work.

We bought some of his artwork already, and we’ll have it hanging on the front counter at the shop as well. Here’s some to check out now:

Fright Night is one of my favorite horror films, and that’s a great mash-up with the cover of Werewolf by Night #1!

We will also have 50% off ALL Back Issues at this month’s Late Night Comics, and that includes wall books as well.

The shop’s all decorated for Halloween, so we’ll be playing some spooky music as well.

On Saturday, October 29th, we’ll be having a full-on sale. 50% off all back issues, and we’ll be liquidating some action figures out at 50% off as well. We’re doing this to divert some traffic off of the 30th, which will be our Halloween event this year!

There is no official Halloween ComicFest this year, but long live TRICK OR READ! Trick or Read is Penguin Random House’s attempt to keep a Halloween event alive in comic book shops. (Seriously though, want to see the dumbest thing possible? Diamond Comics has made Halloween ComicFest into an online-only event for the whole month of October. How the heck do you get the candy into your face with an online Halloween Event? Boo Diamond, Booooooo. )

But you know us, we’ve managed to get a pretty kick a$$ event together on our own!

To be clear, we will be hosting our Halloween event on Sunday, October 30th, not the typical Saturday as in the past. We like the tighter time frame of noon to 5 pm on Sunday, which puts the event closer to Halloween.

So, on Sunday the 30th, from noon to 5 pm, we will offer free comics to all in costume. (and even a few to those who aren’t) We have pulled together comics from a few sources and have these books to offer:

From Marvel: (these books are marked teen+, but we find the good for all ages.)

  • Amazing Spider-Man Trick or Read Special
  • Strange Academy Trick or Read Special
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra Trick or Read Special
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Special
  • Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends Trick or Read Special  (a great young readers comic)
  • Godzilla Trick or Read Special
  • Kodansha Trick or Read Special (anime sampler aimed at older readers)
  • Plus, we stole some books from other events, like…
  • Batman Hush #1 (Great Jim Lee artwork)
  • Batman Mystery Casebook (Great All-Ages Book)
  • Black Adam Special (To get you ready for the movie!)

If you’re in costume, you can take a full set of these books! Not in costume, we usually let you grab a couple if you’ve got the holiday spirit. We usually have other giveaways lying around the shop as well.

We will also have candy! Lots of candy. It seems like every year, we run out, and I have to go out and get more.

We will also be having 50% off back issues on this day as well. (Be advised that some of the back issues will be put away on Sunday to make room for the event, so if you’re in it purely for the half-off sale, Saturday is a better choice for you when everything will be out!)

We are also proud to announce the return of Laura Wimbels taking pictures of everyone in costume in the foyer all day!

We post the photos in an album on Facebook after the event so everyone will get to see your costume. This is also a great way to get a professional photo of your cosplay or a family group photo!

Laura’s been busy lately; check out her new Midnight Rental show here, which she made for the Found Footage Festival.

And that’s it for October! Anyone stopping by on Halloween Day can grab some books from whatever is left over. I also take books to my house to hand out.

Thanks for all the support, everyone, and we’ll see you soon at the comic shop!