Andrea’s Chosen Ones for 11.02.2022

Hello Comic Shop Friends! I hope you all had a great Halloween! We still have free comics and candy left over from our Trick or Read event, so you can still stop in and pick up some books!

Now that we’re into November, mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

On Friday, November 11th, at 6 pm at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ben will be speaking as part of the Art of Collecting lecture! 

Why do people collect? And what personal value do collections hold?

Join CMA Chief Curator Heather Lemonedes Brown (curator of Impressionism to Modernism: The Keithley Collection), comic book collector Benjamin Joines-Mundy (Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop), sneaker collector and authenticator Sadelle Moore (StockX), and music critic and record collector Annie Zaleski (Duran Duran’s Rio) for a conversation about the passion that drives collecting.

You can reserve free tickets here.

The next Late Nite Comics will be Thursday, November 17th, from 8 pm to midnight, and we’ll be putting out all indie dollar stock! 

We’re also getting ready for Black Friday and planning the theme for our Christmas Art Show to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank.

Lastly, new Winston stickers are scheduled to be here late next week! Collect them all!

Now onto this week’s new releases!


Deadpool is back with a new #1 written by Alyssa Wong with art by Martin Coccolo! As one of the top assassins in the Marvel Universe, Wade Wilson wants to make it official when he gets an invite to audition for the elite group, Atelier. His task is to kill an eight-armed supervillain within 48 hours, but now he’s been kidnapped, and something is growing inside him. Can he escape, survive, make it in time, and not get distracted by his new crush?

The Skrulls are back in an all-new five-part miniseries from writer Ryan North and artist Francesco Mobili. Nick Fury is sent to investigate a Skrull sighting in Iowa, and he finds something he wasn’t expecting. Maria Hill puts her defensive plans into action when she detects the hint of Skrulls, but this time Earth’s old defenses won’t work. Who can you REALLY trust when the invasion begins?

The defenders of South Korea in their first solo series from Emily Kim and Creees Lee! Led by White Fox, Tiger Division is: Taegukgi, a powerhouse with a heart of gold; Lady Bright, a card-wielding sorceress; Mr. Enigma, a street-brawling demigod; the General, a living totem; Gun-R II, an android with an attitude, and Luna Snow, a cryokinetic pop star.


“Forget that Dynamic Duo crap! We could be the Deadly Duo!”

Joker-like monsters are collecting severed heads. Harley Quinn has been abducted. Batman receives a package containing a bloody bit of Jim Gordon. Joker will do anything to get Harley back, and Batman will do anything to save Gordon. Marc Silvestri’s new Black Label miniseries forces the two into an uneasy alliance.


Hell to Pay is a new Image #1 from writer Charles Soule (Eight Billion Genies!) and artist Will Sliney. This supernatural adventure follows married couple Maia and Sebastian as they work to pay off their college debt. But this college gives you magic, and until your debt is paid, you belong to them. After a terrible accident, they made a deal with a devil to track down the last of 666 of Hell’s missing currency coins. They are almost free, but the devil is in the details. There are some great Hell visuals in this, with cool demon designs.

Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash Press imprint at Dark Horse has a new anthology series starting this week, Quick Stops #1, written by Smith with art by Jeremy Simser, telling tales from the View Askewniverse! In this issue, Holden McNeil relates the ridiculous creation of Bluntman and Chronic at his ChronicCon panel with Alyssa Jones and Jay and Silent Bob!

Another new #1 from Dark Horse, The Ones from Brian Michael Bendis and artist and co-creator Jacob Edgar, is the next, best super team to end all super teams! A group of people who were told they were the Chosen One in different mythologies is brought together at a Chinese Restaurant in Parma, Ohio, by a man called Wilson. As this generation’s chosen Keeper of the Prophecies, he tells the group they were gathered to stop the REAL Chosen One. This one is a fun read, and the jump forward in time, in the end, hooked me.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on from being away last week, so that’s all for now!

Read more comics, and we’ll see you in the shop!