Andrea’s Picks for 11.16.2022

Hello Comic Shop Friends! First, a reminder that this Thursday, the 17th, is Late Nite Comics, and we’ll have over 60 (maybe 70!) long boxes of small press and indie books for only 50 cents each! 50% off back issues too! 8 pm to midnight! Come hang out and dig for treasures, and maybe John will let me play my Thanksgiving playlist.

We also have our Black Friday Weekend sale coming up from November 25th through the 27th, back issues will be 50% off, 20% off statues and action figures, 10% off everything else, and the foyer will be filled with $1 Marvel and DC stock!

On Sunday the 27th, Ben and Lane will be set up at Genghis Con from 12 pm to 5 pm. Stop by to say hi to them and check out a bunch of great local artists and creators.

This year’s holiday art show theme is Spider-Verse! Interpret the theme however you’d like. We have the blank covers and artist sign-up sheets out now, and the due date to return your art is December 11th. We’ll have them all displayed at our holiday party to raffle off, and raffle tickets benefit the Cleveland Food Bank.


An assassination threatens to unravel Dracula’s fledgling country of Vampyrsk, and as sheriff, Blade is tasked with the investigation. Who wants to destroy the vampire council? Would getting rid of a nation of bloodsuckers be that bad? And what is a vampire group therapy session like? Find out in the city of Stravmor, where vampires and humans co-exist, “Together in Darkness” as the billboard says.

Norman Osborn may have been cleansed of his sins, but he hasn’t been eased of his guilt. Haunted by his past crimes, he’s now trying to be a hero after teaming up with Spider-Man to take down two Hobgoblins. When he’s dubbed the Gold Goblin by the media he wonders if he can ever get away from the “Goblin” and atone for his wrongs.

Murderworld is real, and Paul Pastor has the proof. When this YouTube celebrity receives an invite from Arcade to film a documentary, he jumps at the chance to expose the truth. But all is not as it seems.  It’s murder on the dark web, like Red Room, but with superheroes! (And nowhere near as much darkness and gore.) Stay tuned for Murderworld: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Game Over.


A holiday tale set in Gotham’s coldest winter in Batman’s early days. Robin believes Mr. Freeze just wants to save his wife, but Batman believes Victor Fries is a man who has decided his fate and is irredeemable. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Scalera bring you Mr. Freeze’s most frigid story yet. 

“In the beginning, every hero had a sidekick.” Stargirl and Red Arrow set out to find a teenage hero from the past, and discover he’s not the first sidekick from the Golden Age to have vanished without a trace, seemingly wiped from history. Dyna-mite, the first kid sidekick to lose his partner, is also searching for the lost children. “We’ve all been forgotten now,” he says, “But I haven’t forgotten them.”


Vault’s new series, Door to Door Night by Night, from Cullen Bunn and Sally Cantirino, is about a motley crew of salespeople traveling the South, fundraising for local firefighters. But when a new member joins their team and horror is revealed, they begin a battle against the supernatural and the real monsters hidden in every small town.

Kroma is believed to be the evilest creature alive and is imprisoned in a tower within the walls of the Pale City. But there may be an opportunity for her to escape after meeting orphan Zet. Writer/artist Lorenzo De Felici creates a new adventure series filled with strange dangers and monstrous threats in a colorless city in a colorful world.

Skottie Young and Brett Bean bring back Gert, all grown up and living in the real world, in the new I Hate Fairyland ongoing series. Having a hard time with life, losing jobs and getting kicked out of her favorite bar, she’s forced to consider the only job offer she has: going back to Fairyland to find a missing kid.