Andrea’s Picks for 01.11.2023

Hey Comic Shop Friends!

We’ve been doing some new year cleaning and rearranging here at the shop, so come take a look at our re-done graphic novel wall! Ben’s been pulling out discount graphic novels, and everything has been labeled with new shelf tags. We also made space for a Staff Picks shelf!

I sold my first pick, Red Room, the first full day the new shelf was up. We’ll rotate these frequently, so take a look and pick up something new!

We also moved all the Local Comics together on the back wall display. They’re faced out and easier to browse! We welcome any local comic writers and artists who want to sell their books to bring them in.

Lastly, Late Nite Comics is back on Thursday, January 19th, 8pm to midnight! We’ll be open late and John just announced that back issues will be 50% off! (Sorry, no wall books included.) And 70, yes SEVENTY, long boxes of 50 cent stock will be out! Marvel, DC, and Small Press! These are books you’ll never get to dig through again, as they’re headed out to Uncle Tom’s Farm in PA soon! Also, refreshments!

It’s always a good time, and you never know what you’ll find in those discount boxes!


Approved by the Time Variance Authority, written by Paul Levitz, with art by Alan Davis, The Avengers: War Across Time #1 features the classic Avengers following Avengers #11. The Hulk is rampaging on the streets of New York City, but how is he connected to Kang the Conqueror? This is the start of a centuries-spanning showdown with Kang the Conqueror and the Avengers of different times.

Is he a man or a monster… or is he both? It’s the facsimile edition of Incredible Hulk #1 from 1962!


Following the explosive events of Batman Vs. Robin #4, Lazarus Planet: Alpha one-shot, written by Mark Waid with art by Riccardo Federici, starts the DC Universe Lazarus Planet event. The Lazarus volcano has erupted, and as the chemicals rain across Earth, chaos begins as people develop new abilities, and those with already-extraordinary abilities change. Damian Wayne sends a distress call asking all who hear it to join him in the ruins of the Hall of Justice to help save the world. With a backup Monkey Prince story from Gene Luen Yang and Billy Tan. Could Monkey Prince hold the fate of all life in his hands?

Alan Burnett and Paul Dini return once more to the world of Batman: The Animated Series with the start of Season Three of Batman: The Adventures Continue. Locked in Blackgate Penitentiary, Muscle is being targeted by assassins before he can make a deal with Gotham City police. Batman needs to protect him, but the criminal underbelly of Gotham is one step ahead.

Reprinting Flash #123 from 1961, Barry Allen tears a hole between realities and ends up on Earth-Two. Before heading home, he has to help Jay Garrick with a trio of terrors: the Thinker, the Fiddler, and the Shade.


We have three new Image #1s this week, and it looks like they are all back ordered already, so grab them quickly if you want them!

Kelly Thompson has an all-new Image series, Black Cloak, with art by Meredith McClaren. Described as Blade Runner mixed with Saga, this sci-fi/fantasy is set in the last city in the world, Kiros, as two Black Cloaks try to solve the murder of a royal and two others before the conflict tears the city apart. This first issue is triple length!

Rebooting his own work, Mark Millar brings back Nemesis with artist Jorge Jimenez. #1 of the new mini-series sees Nemesis kidnapping L.A.’s gang leaders and forcing them into a fight to the death. That’s just the start of the plans he’s been making for twenty years. And in seven days the city will find out why.

A new two-part mini-series, Spawn: Unwanted Violence, written by Todd McFarlane and art by Mike Del Mundo. Tracking down The Freak to enlist his expertise in extracting the location of File F, Spawn is forced to confront the very nature of good and evil when he witnesses an act of violence that he cannot ignore.