Andrea’s Clear Picks for 03.08.2023

Hello Comic Shop Friends! It’s a smaller week for new comics, but we’ve got some March news to get to!

The biggest thing first:

We have a YouTube channel! We’ll post our Tuesday night Facebook Live videos each week after we’re finished streaming. So if you don’t use Facebook, you can keep up with what’s new every week! We won’t be checking YouTube video comments promptly, so the best way to request anything off the table is:

  1. Watch the Facebook Live video and comment there.
  2. Email the shop at with your requests.
  3. Call the shop at 216-252-0606.

Here’s the link to our channel!

And even if you do watch us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube as well, as we may put up other videos. (And if you want to watch videos from over eight years ago. Clearly, we did not utilize YouTube.)

On Sunday, March 12th, from 10 am to 4 pm, John will be set up at the Jeff Harper Show in Westlake. Stop out, visit his table, and say hi to Zoe since she’ll be working it with him!

Late Nite Comics this month is on Thursday, March 16th, from 8 pm to midnight! We’ll have 40 long boxes of $1 stock out on the table, and back issues will be 50% off!

And, from Friday, March 24th through Sunday, March 26th, our yearly Winston World sale is happening! 50% off back issues! 10% off everything else in the store!

Ben’s going on vacation to Budapest next week (Safe travels and have fun, Ben!), and he’s looking forward to seeing Scream 6 in another language! Raf will be helping out for a few days, so come say hello to him too.

Also, a couple of months away is Free Comic Book Day! The first Saturday in May! We’re in the planning stage now, so we’ll update you as we solidify things.

Looks like Winston and Professor X are doing some plotting for FCBD too.


Great gory fun from Ed Brisson and Netho Diaz! The new Predator series is like the Deadliest Game, but with way more decapitations and way more Predators! Humans wake up as they’re parachuting into a foreign jungle, but it’s not on Earth. Where is it? When is it? Who else is on the hunt? And how does this follow the events of the last Predator series?

An all-new story with X-23 Laura Kinney set during her days as a member of the X-Men and X-Force; from writer Erica Schultz and artist Edgar Salazar. “I have been so many things in this short life. An Assassin. One of the X-Men. An assassin for the X-Men. With all I have been, I wonder… what will I be now?” The past haunts us all, but for X-23, trying to move on is harder, as old foes try to drag her back, and new enemies appear.

The New Mutants are back with a new creative team of writer Charlie Jane Anders and artist Enid Balam. The New Mutants have faced some of the most cunning minds in the Marvel Universe. But now a certain ionic energy vampire (not Colin Robinson) is starting up a new Lethal Legion, and Escapade, Cerebella, and Scout also have a plan to screw with the oligarchs, starting with Count Nefaria. (His recruitment flyer is top-notch.)


Kal-Els across the Multiverse are being murdered, and the Superman of Earth-2, Val-Zod, believes that only Jon Kent can help end the murders. But Jon will have to face the man that kidnapped and tortured him – Ultraman. And the Supermen have help, a mysterious woman that Val-Zod knows. Who is she, and how is she connected to the Super-Family? The next chapter in the saga of the Super Son begins with writer Tom Taylor and artist Clayton Henry.


Detective Sam Dunes is one of a handful of people in the not-too-distant future who chooses to live “clear”, without a veil, a neurological filter that makes the world into whatever reality one chooses. Western, zombie apocalypse, 1940s Hollywood, children’s cartoons, the options are endless. A neo-noir set in a world not too different from our own, but after a slow and steady decline, a future “that isn’t some primal scream of horror, but a billion little sighs.” Co-creators Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul take Dunes on a twisting mystery down through the underbelly and to the heights of wealth and power in San Francisco.

Stoneheart is creator Emma Kubert’s new ongoing adventure fantasy series. Shayde Whisper is on her way to start a blacksmithing apprenticeship in a new city, but she can’t shake the sinister voice in her head telling her to remember. What does she need to remember? There are only vague memories of her past and no idea of the power within herself. She’ll have to unravel her past and present to find her place in the mystical land of Athea.