Andrea’s Unleashed Picks for 08.23.23

Oh! Hello Comic Shop Friends! Thanks to everyone who came out for Late Nite Comics! And thanks to everyone who has come out to all of them this past year. Here’s to another 12 Late Nite Comics!

You should probably all be aware of the events coming up in the shop in September and October by now, but here’s a refresher!

  • September 23rd! Phillip Kennedy Johnson!
  • October 13th! Mark Waid! With trivia with the CNJ staff!
  • October 20th! Sina Grace!
  • October 27th! Sarah Kuhn!

All signings are free, thanks to the Cleveland Public Library and their Superman Anniversary celebration. More information on these and all their tie-in events can be found on!


After the events of the Hellfire Gala, Jean Grey is on the brink of death. How did she end up here? What choices did she make to bring herself to this point? In order to save Mutantkind, she will have to save herself first, but that means looking into her past in a desperate attempt to find the moment it all went wrong. Writer Louise Simonson returns to the X-Men with artist Bernard Chang.

Known as Asgard’s King, keeper of Mjolnir, Avenger, and All-Father, this is the story of the Immortal Thor! The new ongoing series from Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo follows Thor to Midgard after Loki restores the Rainbow Bridge (and then promptly disappears. Hmmmm, it seems like some shenanigans are afoot.) Finding himself in the midst of a raging storm he cannot control, Thor comes face to face with the God of the Superstorm. A God who, instead of celebrating humanity’s light, condemned its darkness. What dark world did it come from? “If you would understand, then open your mind.”

Lucky the pizza dog! Lockjaw! Winston’s doppelganger, Chewie the Flerken! Redwing! And a new super-dog, D-Dog! What else do I need to tell you? Kraven the Hunter abducts Lockjaw, and Juniper’s person is missing, so it’s up to these super-powered pets to figure out what’s going on. “It’s nice to be acknowledged. It’s nice to be told you’re a good dog.” From writer Kyle Starks and artist Jesus Hervas.


The second part of the best Knight Terrors story, Detective Comics (“If you were real cops, you wouldn’t have tried to stop me … I bet you used to eat babies.”), is out this week, along with Knight Terrors #4 (“What the $@#* is happening?!” “That is a great question, Damian. You truly are the son of the world’s greatest detective.”), and the final issues of Action Comics (“I’ll let you in on a little secret though. Nobody hates me… like I hate me.”), Angel Breaker (“Never scream, swallow your cries, or she’ll make sure you’re attracting flies…” With child decapitation!), Harley Quinn (This is another great Knight Terrors story. Harley gets to be a hero on Earth 0! But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.), and Titans (“Yeah, pretty rare to actually destroy your nightmares. And have it not be a metaphor.”).

New Tom King! With art by Rafael De Latorre. Oswald Cobblepot had retired to Metropolis to live a quiet life after his “death”, but now he finds himself forced to return to the Gotham City underworld. And forced to work as a pawn of a United States intelligence agency. Is Oswald walking into a death sentence? What is Batman’s part in this? Will there be redemption? Or will there be revenge? My money is on revenge.


Sorry, small press fans, myself included, there’s not much new this week to write about. Image has a new #1, The Schlub, but we don’t have any hitting the table. Diamond did goof, and we’re missing some of our small press titles, but they are on the way!

We do have one copy of the Jamie Lee Curtis co-written graphic novel Mother Nature. Co-written by Russell Goldman with art by Karl Stevens, it’s the story of Nova Terrell, who witnesses her father die in a mysterious accident on a Cobalt Corporation oil extraction project. She now wages a sabotage campaign on the company and its Mother Nature project, and one night, discovers the true nature of that project and the horror it has awakened. There is some great gore in this, and if you want to check it out, we’ll gladly order you one!