Andrea’s Pre-Halloween Picks for 10.25.2023

Hello there, Comic Shop Friends! First, thanks to everyone who came out for Sina Grace’s signing!

The best picture of the night.

And thanks to everyone who came out for Late Nite Comics! It was great to have Cory Holliday and Lenora in the shop!

Ben will be co-hosting the Midnight Rental Secret Screening with Lenora on Wednesday the 25th at the Grog Shop. Doors at 7pm for an hour of trailers and vintage commercials, followed by a never-announced-beforehand movie at 8! $10! This show is Halloween-themed, and Lenora is encouraging everyone to come in costume!

We have one more in-store event as part of the Cleveland Public Library’s Superman’s Cleveland extravaganza this month!

Sarah Kuhn will be here on Friday the 27th from 6pm to 8pm for a free signing!

We have her Batgirl and Lois Lane graphic novels in stock, and will give away the FCBD Girl Taking Over: a Lois Lane Story preview issue to have signed for free!

She’ll be joined by two other special guests: Laura Siegel Larson, Jerry Siegel’s daughter, who is also part of the CPL’s other events this week; and Dan Gorman, the artist of the Superman’s 85th print, who will be signing copies of his print. Get it signed by all three guests!

Looking to fill the rest of October with creeps and chills? (I know I am.) Then check out our staff recs for spooky and scary books! There are a few rows on our rec wall, and we’ll fill the table with more when there’s room. Ask us or our favorites! Some of mine are Creepshow, The Nasty, Harrower (the trade is out this week!), and Night of the Ghoul.

Speaking of spooky stuff, Lewis, this year’s hot new Halloween icon, will be making an appearance in the shop! John will be chauffeuring him in soon, so get ready!

Don’t forget about Halloween in the store 10am to 4pm on Saturday, October 28th! We have candy and free comics to hand out to those in costume! AND all back issues (not including the wall) will be 50% off all day!

John is also doing a full wall re-rack soon, which is why the wall books will only be the regular 25% off on the 28th, so keep an eye out for that!

A reminder from John, and Judge Dredd, to pick up your files by the end of the month! Help us have less to move when the new store carpet is installed in November. Plus, you probably have some great books you need to read in there.


Brand-new creative team, writer Alyssa Wong and artist Jan Bazaldua, bring a brand-new status quo to Captain Marvel! Carol Danvers is a powerhouse, and if you’re thinking about coming for Earth, she’s the first one you need to take down. And now someone has figured out how. New villain, The Omen, the “first of things to come”, has a way to drain Captain Marvel’s energy. But her plan to remove Carol, and Genis-Vell, is interrupted by a young thief, Yuna. Now Yuna and Captain Marvel are connected, switching places, and neither is prepared for what’s coming next.

Hallows’ Eve is back, just in time for Hallows’ Eve! There’s a Halloween party at Empire State University, and someone is messing with Limbo magic they don’t understand. Remember that Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, Halloween, where everyone turns into their costumes from Ethan’s? It’s like that, but with more Hulk! Eve knows a thing or two about magical masks, and when she finds some new ones in her bag, she finds she may be more heroic than she thinks. Enjoy this Halloween treat from writer Erica Schultz and artist Michael Dowling.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some zombies, would it? Gorge yourself of gore in the first of four issues of Marvel Zombies: Black, White and BLOOD! Garth Ennis and Rachael Stott give us the “Undefeated” Daredevil in an underground zombie cage fight, Alex Segura and Javi Fernandez test the limits of Peter Parker’s “Hope” when he’s up against a horde at the Daily Bugle, and Ashley Allen and Justin Mason pit Moon Knight and Khonshu against zombie Iron Man in “Deliverance”! There’s limb tearing, face smashing, heart ripping (in more than one way), and zombies, zombies, zombies!


The last, and certainly not the least, of the three new Golden Age titles, Alan Scott: Green Lantern from writer Tim Sheridan and artist Cian Tormey tells a powerful tale of Scott’s early days. J. Edgar Hoover blackmails Alan Scott into cooperating with the JSA, or his personal secrets and his diary from his days with “Project Crimson” will be leaked. The last time he was on a team, people got hurt, and Alan wants to keep a distance to protect the JSA, and himself. There’s more than one powerful ring this Green Lantern wears, and now the origin of one may be the key to his future when the Red Lantern appears.

Wonder Woman #2 is out. Read it. All the cool kids are. Wonder Woman takes on an entire army, lassos a tank, and we get a glimpse into a major event in her past that may have repercussions in current events. This is the best DC book you should be reading. There’s a backup story that is a prelude to the new Amazons Attack series, and we have the second print of Wonder Woman #1 if you missed out.

And after you read Wonder Woman #2 and the Amazons Attack prelude, we have Amazons Attack #1! Writer Josie Campbell and artist Vasco Georgiev start off an action-packed adventure featuring a team of the greatest warrior women in the DCU. Following the events in Wonder Woman, Queen Nubia is invited to a secret accord with the U.S. President to salvage the Amazon/United States relationship, but what is there to salvage? As Io states, “You cannot make men see light when they are blinded by hate.” And of course, the meeting does not go according to plan, when something begins possessing people. Queen Nubia, Queen Faruka, and Yara must now figure out who is behind the attacks, and unite the three tribes to fight for a world that has made them outlaws.


The first new series from DSTRLY, Gone is writer/artist Jock’s first creator-owned project. An action sci-fi adventure that follows 13-year-old Abi, in a world where “the rich get the sugar. We get the dirt.” Teams of kids sneak onto starships to steal supplies to survive, but it’s getting harder and harder to live. Abi joins her friends for one last heist on a luxury space-liner, but ends up trapped when a group of saboteurs set off explosives and the ship takes off. She’s now a stowaway, struggling to evade the ship’s crew, the “sabs”, and to find a way off the ship and make it back home to her mother.

One-part Christine, one-part Mad Max, with a dash of the Hell Cop in 1992’s Highway to Hell! Bobby Ray has a job as a “rabbit”, the getaway driver meant to distract the cops, and he’s stolen the perfect car to do it. Except the owner of said car has some ties to the underworld. The literal underworld. And now Bobby Ray and his shot-in-the-head, dead-but-not-dead girlfriend Dahlia are on the run, and he’d better drive like hell if he wants to stay out of Hell. From writer Rich Douek and artist Alex Cormack.

Image and Skybound are bringing back the Universal Monsters with some of the biggest names in comics! First up, James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds resurrect Dracula, the monster that started it all. It’s the classic vampire story, with Renfield, Dr. Seward, Lucy, Mina, John Harker, and, of course, Dracula. It’s gothic horror and romance that fans of the Universal, Hammer, and Coppola vampire films will enjoy.