Andrea’s Jackpot Picks for 01.17.2024

Hello Comic Shop Friends! Hopefully, you’re all staying warm inside reading comics. If you’re venturing out, we just got in a massive restock of statues!

And a bunch of dollar stock is out on temporary tables in its new home!

Also, this Thursday the 18th is Late Nite Comics! All dollar stock, over 60 long boxes, will be out at just 50 cents each! We’ll have a mix of Marvel, DC, and Small Press, and it’s all 50 cents! Back issues, including the wall, will be 50% off as well! Stop out from 8pm to midnight, enjoy some refreshments, and dig through a ton of books!


It’s Old Man Avengers in Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuna’s new six issue mini-series! The future of America is a world of prosperity, but freedom is only an illusion, with the Watcher Act and Terror Curfews. Steve Rogers no longer has the Super-Soldier Serum in him, and he’s living with a bad heart, a bad knee, and the rewritten history of former foes. The Avengers are long disbanded, with some dead, but Luke Cage and Matt Murdock are still trying to fight the good fight by helping people however they can, and they’d like Steve to do more. “You’re a symbol.” How can they assemble the Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them? But if there’s one thing Cap is good at, it’s fighting fascists, and it may be time for him to become the symbol that America doesn’t know it needs.

The Neocracy is coming, and that means the end of, not only mutantkind, but all of humankind. Cable has seen it happen in other timelines, and now the signs are here. Is it too late to change the future? Not if Cable and Young Nate can help it! But first Cable has to rescue the younger version of himself from Orchis, and then do some detective work to find who is behind the Neocracy in this timeline. “I’m tired of being from the future and always running out of time.” Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Scot Eaton.

Jackpot is back in her first solo story, that’s also a Gang War tie-in! MJ is figuring out her new gauntlet, and the various powers it gives her, but the new power inhibitor may not be much help when she gets pulled into the Gang War with Spider-Man and She Hulk. This one-shot from writer Celeste Bronfman and artist Joey Vazquez leads into her appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #44, and then the new Jackpot & Black Cat series in March!


Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell return to Hellblazer! Once again, Constantine has cheated death, but this time his heart isn’t beating and his body is decaying. After a spot of bother in London, he, his son Noah, and their friend Nat decide that America is the best place to lie low, but something terrible has taken root here. It’s using grains of sand from Dream’s pouch, and since that’s kind of Constantine’s fault, Dream demands John’s help in locating, and stopping, this terror. Maybe if he’s successful, he can turn this favor into a chance to save his, Nat, and Noah’s lives. But that seems to be a big if…

Time for another issue of Wonder Woman! Still excellent! Steel is putting together a team to take down Wonder Woman, while Diana tries to defeat the Wonder Girls to keep them from teaming up with her. Plus, a Trinity back-up story!


After Duke #1, we wondered if we’d be G.I. Joe people now, and I think we will be after Cobra Commander. This mini-series premiere from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Andrea Milana gives us a new horror take on the mythology of the G. I. Joe villain. There’s a backstory on who Cobra Commander is, and where he comes from. This is a world where the Cobra organization hasn’t yet formed, but thanks to the arrival of the Transformers, and the alien substance Energon, he’s planning to unleash some horrors, and that’s not including some regular old murdering. This is a Cobra Commander who won’t retreat, who intends to terrifyingly create Cobra, and will kill anyone who gets in his way.