Andrea’s New Year New Picks for 01.03.2024

Happy New Year Comic Shop Friends! I hope everyone’s New Year resolution is to read more comics!

We’re always happy to give you recommendations, and if you see that “100% unanimous staff pick” card on a book, you know it’s a winner.

Hey, we have issues #1-4 of one of my favorite series in now!

Some of my favorites from 2023: Tom King’s Wonder Woman, Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers, Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s Incredible Hulk, Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees, Nights (Winner of the most boring title for the most interesting, weird story with well-written characters.), Poison Ivy, the western horror Canary, Canadian horror Dwellings, Guardians of the Galaxy, original slasher Harrower, video nasty inspired The Nasty, Klik Klik Boom (the trade paperback is out this week!), The Sacrificers, and Somna.

The book I’m most looking forward to in 2024 is The Goon! One of my all-time favorite comics is returning for its 25th Anniversary in March! (Don’t worry, you’ll hear more about it when it’s out.)

Watch this space for new dollar stock racks!

Our Holiday sale has been a success, so thank you for clearing out almost all of the action figures! Our plan for that space is to have more room for discount graphic novels and to have boxes of $1 stock out all the time.

Speaking of dollar books, Late Nite Comics is back in January! Thursday, January 18th from 8 pm to midnight! Hold on, make that 50-cent books! John just told me everything we put out that night will be 50 cents each!

Also, we are always looking to buy collections, so if you or anyone you know has books to sell, get in touch!


Set before the original movies, writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Alvaro Lopez take the apes into the Forbidden Zone! Lucius, nephew to Zira and Cornelius, meets a human woman, but also comes across someone (something?) else and disappears. Now the only apes who see the value of humans, scientists Cornelius and Zira, have to find the young woman and hope she can lead them to Lucius. But they must travel into the Forbidden Zone, and contend with more than the militant gorillas they’re used to.

The three-issue mini-series written by Gerry Duggan with art by Lucas Werneck, Fall of the House of X, is one half of the story that will bring the Krakoa Age to its conclusion! Cyclops is on trial and facing the death penalty. Most of mutantkind is missing or dead. Orchis is set to finally destroy Krakoa. The time has come for the X-Men and the human and mutant resistance to make their final stand against the forces that struck them down! Continuing across the X-titles, and the Rise of the Powers of X all month!

Winston’s Pick of the Week! If you liked It’s Jeff and Alligator Loki, here’s the next all-ages animal themed Marvel book, with So. Many. Cats. Chewe! Cat Loki! Doom Kitties! Watch as these furry feline friends defeat Doc Ock, hang with Sabretooth, cause some cat-tastrophes, and Sandman learns a valuable lesson about turning to sand while catlings are around! I can’t even, because it’s so darn cute! Collecting the Marvel Unlimited series from writer and artist Nao Fuji, with an exclusive new story!


The first solo series for Superman’s deadliest enemy! General Zod was Krypton’s most notorious criminal, and now that he’s ruling an entire planet, he wants more, but there are some cracks in the façade. A second son in the House of Zod is on the way, but the first son, Lor-Zod discovers a secret weapon and the clash with his father over its use has repercussions in the family. Zod may be seeing things that are not there, and the Planetary Council is closely monitoring New Kandor after a band of Khund renegades attacks. The blood-bath starts here, and Zod’s descent into hell has just begun.

Time for another stop on the Beast World Tour, this time Atlantis with three new stories that tie into the larger events! In “Wild Blue” from writer Sina Grace and artist Riccardo Federici, Garth and Tula have to help Aquaman and Mera against an invasion of Atlantis, but what will happen when a spore infects Aquaman? The obviously Jaws inspired second story, written by Frank Tieri with art by Valentine De Landro, has Captain Boomerang, Vixen, and Deadeye hunting down the mutated Black Manta, and you know Amanda Waller has some tricks up her sleeve. Jackson Hyde is “Out of His Depths” as he takes on Amazonian sharks and goes against Mera’s orders, causing a huge problem in writer Meghan Fitzmartin and artist M.L. Sanapo’s story.


As a child, Linnea’s sister Alma went missing and was found murdered, causing Linnea to become a Detective as soon as she could. Turns out she hated investigating murders and wanted out, so after meeting Parker, a former professional fighter, the duo start a private investigation agency. Taking mostly insurance fraud and infidelity cases, things are pretty quiet in their small town. But when a couple asks for their help finding their missing daughter, Linnea takes the case and uncovers a horrifying secret hiding in the unassuming town. Written by Kyle Starks with art by Fran Galan.