Andrea’s Year-End Picks for 12.27.2023

Welcome Comic Shop Friends to the last email of the year! It’s a tiny baby email, because there’s not much this week that is brand new, and we’ve been trucking through all our Monday and Tuesday tasks in one day, so that we’re ready for you on Wednesday!

First, some shop news:

If you didn’t know…

  • 50% off back issues, including the wall is extended to the end of the year!
  • 50% off action figures is extended until the end of the year!
  • 20% off statues is extended to the end of the year!

Stop in with your Christmas gift certificates and pick up something fun!

And a reminder from us, and Cap, to pick up your file! There are many reasons this helps us out, so please pick up whatever is in your file before the end of the year. We hate to have to close files and put books back out, and we always encourage you to call or email the shop if you’re having any issues, so we can work with you.

You probably have some great books to read, so grab them!

As we freshen up our back issue boxes we’ll have some used long boxes to give away. See if we have any out when you stop in!


The Gang War continues with the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu from Greg Pak and Caio Majado! Shang-Chi wields the ten rings and has sworn to protect Chinatown and remain a hero, even while leading his family’s Five Weapons Society. But others are unsure of his true intentions, including Spider-Man. Can Shang-Chi use his fighting skills, as well as deceit, calculation, and manipulation to navigate the Gang War battlefields, and keep the citizens of Chinatown safe?

Before I got to read this one-shot, John Shearer said he was only halfway through and was all in. “It’s great!” See how powerful Power Man can truly be!

The Future of the Marvel Universe! Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, with artist Juann Cabal, debut two new Marvel Icons. Born from the choices of today, the Marvel Universe of the future is devastating, threatened by the ascension of Khonshu. Only one man, the final living superhero, Power Man, will stand against the God. With the knowledge, and some powers, of heroes past, Luke Cage has a chance to stop the Immortal Moon Knight and Khonshu from destroying all life on Earth. “And this is how it ends.”


Nothing big from DC this week, but there are some great continuing series, like Penguin and Alan Scott: Green Lantern, and the Action Comics 2023 Annual.


W0RLDTR33 is back this week with a new story arc, but the big #1 is DUKE!

After his tragic run-in with a transforming jet fighter, (As seen in Transformers! Are you reading it? You should be!), Duke is searching for answers. His superiors are feeding him lies, and he knows it. Once one of America’s most decorated officers and a real American Hero, Duke is now drawn into a conflict that none of his training has prepared him for, and that he may not be able to survive. The G.I. Joe Initiative begins here in the four-issue mini-series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Tom Reilly. We’ve all become Transformers people here at the shop, will we become G.I. Joe people next? This issue is leading us down that path!