Andrea’s Glowing Picks for 04.03.2024

Oh, hello Comic Shop Friends. John just sent me a bunch of updates for April events, so here’s what’s coming up!

FanExpo Cleveland is April 12, 13, and 14, so we’ll be running the Winston World sale those same days!

This is the last year we’ll be calling it that, since Winston is no longer with us, and the con hasn’t been Wizard World for years now.

Half off back issues all weekend! 10% off everything else! This is a great time to stock up on supplies, and fill in those back issues you’re missing!

Late Nite Comics is Thursday, April 18th, 8pm to midnight! You know the drill by now! $1 books galore! Another chance to pick up some 50% off back issues!

Then on Saturday, April 20th from noon to 2pm, it’s Sonic Day! John’s daughter, Luna, will be hosting her first event at the shop! The Sonic concert is that day, so we’ll be doing a little Sonic event, with free graphic novels!

Keith Miller will be here as Dr Eggman for photos! Check out his YouTube videos, he even did one with Luna!

Creator Natalie Haines will be setting up a table, and we’re working on creating a free little print you can get signed by everyone! Natalie is an illustrator, comic maker, and animator who specializes in animal and creature-based concepts. Recently, she has done an abundance of work for the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony ongoing comic book series as a cover artist, interior artist, and character designer.

Please come out and support the day! If you have kids or are just a Sonic fan, we’d love to see you out to support Luna and make this a successful afternoon!

Plus! It’s five weeks until Free Comic Book Day, and this year’s prints are in! Since FCBD is actually on May the Fourth, we decided to go with a classic Marvel Star Wars theme, designed by Jameson Campbell, who incorporated art from covers and of course, the Cleveland skyline. These posters are free with any purchase! If you know somewhere to hang one up to promote the day, let us know where, and we’ll give you a second one to use.


Deadpool has a hole in his heart, and the only thing that can fill it is money! Taking on some freelance mercenary work with his Symbiote-Dog Daughter, Princess, is the only thing distracting him from his recent heartbreak. Until a run-in with a new villain, who is determined to catch Wade Wilson in his Death Grip, reignites his passion. And a call from Agent Gao gives him the totally original idea to start a new team! From writer Cody Ziglar and artist Roge Antonio.

Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin we all know, but he’s not the original Goblin, and we’ll learn the secrets of the Proto-Goblin, and its connection to the Osborn family in this new J.M. DeMatteis and Michael Sta. Maria series! On the path to create his Goblin serum, Norman made one huge mistake, and now it’s coming for Harry. Peter Parker is dealing with the grief and guilt over Uncle Ben’s death, while trying to figure out his role as Spider-Man, and gets pulled into the shadow of the Osborn’s when he helps Harry and Gwen. What does a 15-year-old kid know about heroism? A tale of the repercussions of power, and taking responsibility for those choices.


It’s not a facsimile, it’s a remastered edition! DC presents a reprinting of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #19, the Midsummer Night’s Dream story, with completely remastered pages from colorist Steve Oliff’s original hand-painted color guides. With an all-new cover painted by fantasy artist Charles Vess, and Oliff’s foreword, discussing the remastering process.

Collecting Tom King and Mitch Gerads’s brutal retelling of the first clash between The Joker and The Batman, it’s The Winning Card from Batman: The Brave and the Bold! This is the best story from that anthology book, and now’s your chance to grab one of the most frightening Joker stories!

Dreamer’s origin story is revealed in DC’s first YA crossover, featuring characters from Galaxy: The Prettiest Star! From writer/actor/activist Nicole Maines, who originated the role of Dreamer on TV, and artist Rye Hickman, comes the story of Nia Nal, who has spent her life in the shadow of her sister, Maeve. When Nia starts having visions of the future in her dreams, she has to suppress her powers to maintain her relationship with her family, as Maeve was the one who was expected to inherit their mother’s powers. But she cannot stay awake forever, and Nia, and her family, will have to accept her destiny.


It’s Ghost Machine Day! The first three titles of the new Image imprint start today! If you want to get a peek at what else they have planned, we still have the Ghost Machine one-shot in stock!

First, Geiger is back! Geoff Johns and Gary Frank return to the wasteland for the all-new ongoing series following the nuclear nomad, the Glowing Man. 25 years after a devastating war, and the loss of his family, Tariq Geiger wanders the radioactive remains of the United States with a two-headed wolf companion, Barney, sharing his rage with those that deserve it. After meeting the Nuclear Knight (See the Ghost Machine one-shot!), and learning that there may be a cure, Geiger heads off in search of it, all while enemies pursue him. But how many people are after him? And why?

Next, the newest Unnamed hero from Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch, immortal jerkbag, Simon Pure! There are men that are willing to sacrifice their own well-being for that of others. Simon Pure is not one of those men. After literally crashing a ritual being performed by the Founding Fathers, rogue redcoat Simon becomes immortal. A hundred years later, he’s about to learn the truth behind the mysterious cult and their stolen magic. But first he has to deal with the side effects of mercenary work. Relatives of the deceased coming to kill him! Landlords who demand rent! Women tired of his lies! Dying! Coming back from the dead! With 12-year-old Albert Einstein along for the ride!

Then, Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok reunite for an all-new science fiction series, Rook: Exodus! Hundreds of years in the future, Earth is dying, and humans have fled to a new life on the terraformed planet Exodus. A planet where all of nature is controlled, with Wardens each assigned to control a specific group of animals through a neural network. Rook is one of those Wardens. A decade after colonization, the Exodus engine failed, causing chaos and a mass evacuation, for those who could afford it. Those left now scavenge to survive, and to find a way off the planet, before the war for control of what’s left begins. Or before the planet’s total destruction.