Andrea’s Post Eclipse Picks for 04.10.2024

Happy post-eclipse Comic Shop Friends!

Here’s what’s happening this month:

This weekend is the Cleveland FanExpo! I’ll be there to see the Hobbits and represent the shop on Saturday, and you may see a few more of us from the shop around the con!

But make sure to find time to stop in the shop because all weekend we’ll be having a sale! 50% off back issues AND 10% off everything else in the store! Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th!

Fill in your collections and stock up on supplies!

Thursday the 18th is Late Nite Comics! 8pm to midnight! Over 60 long boxes of Marvel, DC, and Small Press dollar books! If you get 100 or more, they’ll be 50 cents each! And 50% off back issues again!


April 20th is Sonic Day! The Sonic Symphony is in town that night, so John’s daughter Luna is hosting her first event! Stop in for her pre-show event from noon to 2pm!

We’ll have free Sonic the Hedgehog graphic novels to give away!

Dr. Eggman will be making an appearance for photo ops!

Sonic and My Little Pony artist, Natalie Haines will be here for a signing, and we’ll have free prints you can get signed!

Stop by and show Luna some support, and make her event a success!

And we’re still counting down to Free Comic Book Day! May the 4th! Four weeks to go!

The books are starting to come in and we’ll have more details to come, but we do have our FCBD prints in now, and they’re free with a purchase.


In this issue: Web-Weaver returns! In “Birds of a Feather”, by Seve Foxe and Kei Zama, Cooper Coen has been having some late nights, but sleep has to wait when Peter Parker is abducted by the Vulturion’s drone while wearing a “notably tacky shirt.” Good thing Web-Weaver is around to rescue him, while looking fabulous.

Then, “A Star (Spider) is Born” in writer Justina Ireland and artist Pete Woods introduction of Star-Spider! Slinging through space, Percy Parker protects Space Station Bronx with the help of Professor Osborn’s S.P.I.D.E.R.s. Between her work as the Quantum Engineering apprentice, and superhero-ing, Percy’s dating life suffers, especially when a Kree invasion, led by Ok-Tavius, disrupts the station!


House of Brainiac starts here! It’s Lois Lane’s day off, and nothing can ruin it. Except for an army of Lobo’s people and Brainiac’s drones attacking Metropolis! Will the Super family be able to hold off the lethal soldiers? Not if Brainiac collects them first! Can Superman and Lex figure out what Brainiac is searching for before they’re all snatched up? From writer Joshua Williamson and artist Rafa Sandoval. The event continues in the next few issues of Action Comics, Superman, Power Girl, and Green Lantern!

Kid sidekicks, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Robin come together in their first pre-Teen Titans team-up! Watch as they face the thousand-and-one dooms of Mr. Twister in this 1964 facsimile reprint! Listen to Robin explain teen-age slang! Can the trio figure out what happened in the town without teen-agers?


Oliver is the new kid in town. His only family is his mother. He is starting to have some strange things happen to him. Things that tie in to a mysterious family history that his mom won’t talk about. Writer Tony Fleecs and artist Dave Wachter mix a coming-of-age story with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and ask what if there was someone who was both human, and cartoon. Oliver is about to learn his family history first hand, after a murder of crows comes for him, his estranged grandpa shows up, and he now has to find his place in the world.

Cullen Bunn, with artist Patrick Piazzalunga, has a new horror comedy book! Griz, necromancer Hillary, and Cuddles, a chainsaw-wielding koala bear, help those in the Boglands locate missing family members, and fight the monsters that appeared after the acid rain floods. The trio get pulled into a deeper mystery when tasked with tracking down government contractors that are missing in the Flooded Zone. Now he’s mixed up with a biker gang, a government contract, and more monster tentacles and eyeballs than you can shake a stick at!

The best cover of the week, and the bloodiest book. Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are back on a creator owned series, with artist Eamon Winkle, and it’s horrific, and creepy, and my pick this week. A band of barbarians, desperate to defeat the King’s army, are visited by Doctor Jakob Eyes. The travelling physician isn’t just satisfied with healing the injured and ill, and the decimated barbarians may be the ideal test subjects in the Doctor’s quest to cure death itself.