Andrea’s Meaty Picks for 05.22.2024

Hello there, Comic Shop Friends! Are you ready for some comics?


Blood Hunt and the Red Band Blood Hunt #2 are out this week! We did put a full issue list of all the mini-series and tie-ins on the counter that we’re marking off as they come out, so you can take a look at what you’re missing.

Also, we should mention that if you’ve picked up a first issue of any of the Blood Hunt mini-series, please let us know if you want them added to your pull list. We want to make sure we order enough to cover everyone!

Another great Blood Hunt tie-in! Do you like British horror films? This is giving me 28 Days Later vibes, but with bloodsucking vampires and superheroes! Union Jack may be the only hero left to keep all of England from falling into the darkness, and it doesn’t seem like he really wants the job. Especially after coming across a group of survivors. Now he’s sheltering them in his hideout, along with the thing chained in the basement. Written by Cavan Scott with art by Kev Walker. Not for kids!

Big facsimile from Marvel this week: New Mutants #98! The debut of Deadpool! Hey, there’s a new movie coming out in a couple of months, so grab a copy now! Ben’s facsimile pick!

Ouroboros has told Gwen she needs to leave Earth-65, and move to the only universe where Gwen Stacy doesn’t exist. Welcome to New York 616! But hiding out and keeping a low profile turns out to be much, much harder than O.B. and Gwen thought. The other Spider-people aren’t supposed to know she’s there, she’s not supposed to suit up, and she’s not supposed to draw any attention to herself. All that goes out the window when she stops a routine bank robbery. Her symbiote has needs, and who is she to stop it when people are in danger? But what will happen when Ghost-Spider does everything she shouldn’t? “Put on the suit…and there will be consequences.” From writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Federica Mancin.


My favorite of the DC Golden Age character mini-series wraps up this week with Alan’s final battle with the Red Lantern. Can he and the JSA stop the Russian Red Flames? Will his secret life be revealed? Find out what the fallout will be in the conclusion of one of Green Lantern’s earliest adventures.

Then, it’s the titanic conclusion of Justice League Vs Godzilla Vs Kong, just in time to celebrate Godzilla’s 70th Anniversary! With a battle against Mechagodzilla and a new hybrid Titan! It’s monsters fighting monsters! With superheroes and mech suits! What more do you need?

Wonder Woman! Yet another amazing issue from Tom King and Daniel Sampere. After the Sovereign’s failed attempt to control Wonder Woman with the lasso of lies, he tightens his grip on her psyche. Locking her away alone with no sense of place nor time. How long has it been? Can she maintain her grip on reality? Will her love of Steve Trevor help? Or hurt?

Plus, another excellent, and cute, backup story with Trinity! Which is always a good palate cleanser after the main story.


It’s already sold out, so make sure you grab a copy of Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla’s new horror book, White Boat! Described as “a white-knuckle descent into Lovecraftian maritime madness,” the duo behind Night of the Ghoul are bringing their terror to the mega-yachts of the super-rich. Lee Derry spends his life drinking and writing puff pieces on sailing and yachting, but then he gets the invitation of a lifetime: to board The White Boat. The most expensive and most mysterious of the mega-yachts. No one knows who owns it. No one has been aboard. Until now. It should be a dream come true, to travel on the ship where your every desire can be fulfilled. It should be a dream come true for Lee to write about the elusive yacht. But as he explores the White Boat, he learns the ship’s secrets, the nightmare begins, and he may never return home again.

Thirty years ago, they were America’s premiere celebrity superhero team. Now Blood Squad Seven is back in Joe Casey and Paul Fry’s “alternate history” of the Image Universe, and its original launch title. 90s nostalgia is hot, and the U.S. government is starting up the team again, but this time with a mix of old members, a new generation of heroes, and a lot of input from PR firms, image consultants, and media studies experts. The roll out has to be perfect, but things never are with a team of superpowered people. And it looks like it’s only going to get worse after the extraction request from Ripcord.

I mean, it seems like a good idea to take a road trip to a ghost town supposedly haunted by the Butcher of the Silver Mine, but then you eat some tainted meat, and things take a turn… Writer Landry Walker and artist Justin Greenwood take six friends on a trip through the town that fell victim to a cannibalistic serial killer over one hundred years ago, and now the generational nightmare of murder and meat continues. Does the Butcher still haunt the streets? Is it just a viral folk tale? Or is there something sinister lurking in the lore?

Riverdale has been overrun with demons in this three-part Archie Premium Event from writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Meghan Hutchinson. Archie Andrews is becoming who he was meant to be, on a path that had been chosen for him. Bound to the demon Alistair by Madame Satan, Archie can now harness the Infernal Power, the only thing that can destroy the corrupted and possessed citizens of Riverdale. But are Archie’s actions truly good, or are they the work of evil?