Andrea’s Unspooling Picks for 05.15.2024

Hi Comic Shop Friends! How was your week? I spent my vacation reading all of Saga, so I’m finally caught up and ready for its return in July! Now I have to catch up on last week’s and this week’s books…

John will be sending out a Free Comic Book Day thank you email soon, but I want to say thank you to everyone who came out as well. It was a great day, everything was super smooth, and I got an original ALF drawing from Luna, so I don’t know how next year will top that.

Lots going on this week, so here’s info on that, then onto new books!

You should come out to the Grog Shop on Wednesday the 15th for the Midnight Rental Secret Screening and Ben-iversary celebration! It’s the first anniversary of Ben co-hosting with Lenora! It’s always a good time, so join us for a delightfully bad movie! $10! Doors at 7 pm, Movie at 8 pm!

This Thursday the 16th is Late Nite Comics! We’ll have over 40 long boxes of all new dollar stock! John said there’s a bunch of great stuff in those boxes, and it’s Marvel, DC, and Small Press! And all back issues, yes including the wall, will be 50% off! Grab some awesome Star Wars books! Open ‘til midnight!

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It’s Morbin Time! Just one Blood Hunt tie-in this week, and it’s Amazing Spider-Man! Following ASM #49, Spidey’s tussle with Lizard leads him to team-up with Misty Knight, who may have a solution to the vampires. Now they’re trying to find the vampires who took Colleen Wing, Morbius, and his cure. But of course, it won’t be as easy as just following the tracker Misty managed to place on Morbius. Written by Justina Ireland with art by Marcelo Ferreira.

Jonathan Hickman. Sanford Greene. Galactus. Doom. This oversized one-shot has it all. In the near future, the only hope to stop Galactus from bringing about the death of the universe is Doctor Doom. With Valeria Richards’ aid, Doom will harness more power than any human ever has, than any Marvel hero or villain ever has. Will it be enough to save the Marvel Universe? Worth every penny of the $6.99 price, this is the book you should pick up this week.

Dave Michelinie returns, with artist Gerardo Sandoval, to tell another all-new Venom story, set in Eddie Brock’s early days with the symbiote! Following a lead to Peter Parker, Brock runs into a reporter, Joy, from the Daily Bugle, who he has a past with. The two get front-row seats to The Vault declassifying their rehabilitation program, and you guessed it, things go wrong! Showing off a reformed Killgrave leads to a breakout attempt, and to a new symbiote villain. Long live the King in Purple!


No new titles from DC this week, but the House of Brainiac continues in Action Comics #1065, Batman and Dylan Dog wraps up with issue #3, and Amanda Waller’s quest for Absolute Power continues in Suicide Squad: Dream Team #3. Volume 1 of the current Poison Ivy run from G. Willow Wilson is in paperback as well, and the first arc of that series is one of my favorites. Check it out if you missed it!


From Ahoy Comics comes three stories of costumed heroes and villains in My Bad: Escape from Peculiar Islands #1, with writers Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman, and artists Peter Krause and Joe Orsak. The Chandelier gets busted for tax evasion! Captain Ohio may need to step up and move out of regional superhero-ing, and leave beautiful Akron, to take the place of one of the many dead or retired former heroes. On the Peculiar Islands, Rush Hour, Acid Chimp, and others are there for the inauguration of time-traveling ex-president Amazing John Adams as Governor. And America’s wealthiest semi-retired super-villain Emperor King is “visiting his sick aunt!” Or is he plotting with Professor Octopus? (He is.)

Godzilla is 70! IDW is celebrating with this huge issue featuring nine stories from: James Stokoe, Dan DiDio and Joelle Jones, Danny Lore and Sebastian Piriz, Matt Frank, E.J. Su, Adam Gorham, Casey Gilly and Liana Kangas, Michael W. Conrad and Gege Schall, and Natasha Alterici. What better way to honor the King of the Monsters than with stories covering the history of Godzilla, with locations from the American West to Turkey, to modern Tokyo and more? With Mothra, Jet Jaguar, Mechagodzilla, and more monsters!

And for fans of body horror, Silver Sprocket has a new one-shot from Leo Fox, My Body Unspooling. Lucille and his body are constantly at odds. Lucille is too cold and too resentful for his body, and his body is too warm and too loud for Lucille. It’s time to ask God for a divorce.

And even more body horror in issue #2 of The Principles of Necromancy! We were all fans of the first issue, and this one continues to be creepy and weird and awesome. Do yourself a favor and pick up this series.