Free Comic Book Day 2024 at CNJComics

Free Comic Book Day is coming on Saturday, May the 4th from 10 am to 7 pm!

This is our 23rd year hosting this event. Truly hard to believe it’s been that many years!

Everyone attending will be able to pick out 12 comic books from the 48 titles that are being offered!

Books will be in a new spot this year, even closer to the shop than in years past. This year’s Free Comic Book Room will be located at 17480 Lorain Ave. (the old tanning salon, headed towards Ace Hardware 50 feet from the shop.)

There are some great books this year, covering all kinds of genres.

It’s May the 4th, so of course there’s a Star Wars title. (two actually!)

We’re really excited about this year’s Energon Universe title, new material from Robert Kirkman’s new line of Transformers and G.I.Joe books. (word on the street is that this is the big book of the year.)

It’s always nice to have a Spider-Man title, and this year we have two as well!

You’re also going to get a first look at this summer’s big Marvel event with the Bloodhunt/X-Men FCBD Special. (The Marvel Universe vs Vampires! There’s also a look at the new direction of the X-titles in there!)

As in years past, all books have three ages ratings identified by color. Green for All Ages, Blue for Teens (meaning 13+, but we find these books to typically contain nothing too objectionable.) and Red for Mature (meaning 18+). We keep the books grouped by color, with the red ones at the end of the line, clearly identified. There’s only three mature books this year, but parents please keep an eye on your child’s selection to assure they adhere to your personal value system.

We got A LOT of books this year, but we always suggest coming early for the best selection! (Especially if you’re looking for some of the more abstract titles.) Here’s a link to all the books on the Free Comic Book Day Website. (the four DC titles are not on there, because of publisher nonsense, but you can find them here!)

The Offical Free Comic Book Day Website can also answer a lot of your questions on a national level

This year’s Free Comic Book Day Poster is an homage to the old Marvel Star Wars Comics, to celebrate the day and May the 4th. Designed by Jameson Campbell, you can pick one up for free with any purchase right now in the shop.

If you can’t make it in before the event to get one, Jameson will be signing them from 10am to noon on the day of the event! Look for his table after you get your free books.

Also on brand with our theming, the Rust Belt Monster Collective will be crafting another mural live outside of the shop all day. This year’s theme is, you guessed it, Early Marvel Star Wars Comics. Last year my daughter was able to join them and it was a pretty big day for her. Always a highlight of the event.

We will also be setting up our usual kids’ play area, this time in the foyer attached to the shop by HR Block. This area will be accessible from the outside and is a great way to let those kids burn off some energy after standing in line.

We’ll also have 50% off back issues all day to stimulate some sales!

After getting your free comics, be sure and check out our local artist area. We’ll have about twenty local vendors set up and showing off their stuff in the Free Comic Book Room.

Vendors/artists include CHOD, Ashley Ribblett, Perris Mackey, Katie Avila, Ryan Kacsandy, Gary Dumm, Sleepy Robot, Quill Kolat, Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar, Shawny Walthaw, Kristen and Sean Burns, Corey Holiday, Kawaii Killjoy, Phil Fried, J.Christopher Schmidt, ReGeeked and Nerd Girl! (whew!) Be sure to spend some money around the room, we love our local artists and creators!

We will also be supporting several library branches that day, so go and see what they’re up to as well. City branches for both Westlake and Rocky River, as well as the Cuyahoga branches for Brooklyn, Parma-Powers, and Parma-Snow. Check out other comic shops in the area too, not just us.

This day has always been fun for my family, and it’s so great to see my daughters grow up within the event year to year.

We love to see you all out there, dressed up and ready to go for the day. We love FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

Oh yeah, if you get there early enough, you just may see Bluey out there handing out some free books as well!