Updates for Free Comic Book Day 2024 at CNJComics

Hey everyone! John D here, with some last minute stream of consciousness updates for Free Comic Book Day this year!

If you haven’t read any info yet, start here first!

We also got the Pole Position in this year’s Cleveland.com Free Comic Book Day Article!

We’ll be giving out twelve books per person, but we encourage everyone to visit as many other events that day as possible! Enjoy all the hobby has to offer! It’s May the 4th so buy yourself a Star Wars Comic!

Free Comic Book Day is from 10am to 7pm, and people start lining up earlier every year. We do expect a healthy crowd. We have found that FCBD is broken up into three blocks, 10am to 1pm is all the hoopla, with alot of people in costume, lots of energy, and the best selection of free books. 1pm to 4pm the event is busy but starts to mellow out a bit. Good time to come if crowds aren’t for you and you need a little breathing room. 4pm to 7pm is a wind down, but a really good time to shop with the vendors (and us!) and watch the finishing touches on the Star Wars Mural being painted outside. Pick your poison and come hang out with us! As always, you do not need to wait in the Free Comic Book line to enter the vending space or comic book shop. Good news! We have two bathrooms in the new vending space open to the public. We are excited to see how this new space works out for us.

We’ve got people coming out early on from the 501st and Rebel Legion, walking around to take pictures with people to make the line more bearable. The Ghostbusters: Cleveland will stop by with Ecto-1, and Spider-Man should be running around out there as well! Take some pictures and tag us in them! #cnjcomics works well!

People have been asking about Bluey’s appearance and I can say this (because yes, I am Bluey.) : Bluey will be outside the foyer next to the comic shop between 10am to 11am guaranteed. I have about 200 really nice Bluey books to hand out to kids. At 11am I will need to take a break and I hope to be back at noon to give away whatever is left of the books. Our family loves Bluey, and this was just something I wanted to do to add to the event.

For the Free Comic Book Day prints (if you haven’t gotten one already!) once you exit the free comic line, Jameson will be at the table directly to your left. He’ll be signing 100 prints between 10am and noon. Other than that you’ve got to go to the shop where they will be free with a purchase while supplies last! (we did run out halfway through the day last year.)

In the shop we will have 50% off back issues except for the wall. We promised somethig special for the wall that day and here it is: We’ll have a full run of the old Marvel Star Wars Comics from 1-107, including keys! These books will be 25% off and we’re challenging you to help us clear that wall out by the end of the day! Like we said, buy yourself a Star Wars Comic Book!

So remember, to quote two guys who changed the world with a song, “Be Excellent to Each Other.” Free Comic Book Day is about more than the free books, it’s about the community that has built up around the hobby. Bring some friends, make some friends, be a friend!

We always like to share the words of Gail Simone each year, she does a great job of reminding everyone about the logistics of a shop’s Free Comic Book Day, and we love her for it;

So buy that thing you’ve been thinking about! Free Comic Book Day is your day!

Lastly, when everyone exits the free comic book line, there’s always someone there with a bag to put your books in and a few extra’s if you’re early. This year you’ll also get a little 5×7 print we think you’ll find is in the spirit of the day.

We made up a thousand of them, thanks to Quill Kolat for the artwork. www.Quillkolat.com @quillkolat Quill will be set up in the vendors room as well, so go say hi!

May the 4th be With You, and we’ll see you all on Saturday!