Food Drive Results, New Years Sale, and New Releases for the week of 12-31-2014

It is with intense gratitude that we announce the results of the 2014 holiday food drive

SadGalactus_WEB-01From all efforts involved, we have collected $2,785 which will be used to create over 11,000 (!) meals through the Cleveland Food Bank. We have also collected 1,073 food items as well. It’s amazing when you can take the works of many individuals, turn it into a number to be measured, which can then be turned back into actual people helped. This is not the success of the shop. This is the success of the comic book community in North East Ohio. Did you draw a cover for the art show? You created 11,000 meals. Did you stop in the shop to buy $1 comic books? You created 11,000 meals. Did you re post the information about the food drive on social media? You created 11,000 meals. Again, this effort is nothing with out the amazing skills and resources of the Cleveland Food Bank to make that $1 to 4 full meals equation actually exist. We are humbled by their day to day endeavors. Were you involved in the food drive in any way this year? Lean back in your chair and take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

comicpartyWe’d like to give a special shout out to Pop The Comic Culture Club, Comic Book Heaven, and the Jae Fitch Family for the extra support this year. Also congrats to Ryan Finley for being the artist who raised the most funds this year with his Christmas Groot piece.

If you would like to see some of the artwork from the art show, here is a gallery.

Here’s another gallery with pictures from the Christmas Party.

On to the new releases! Each year the comic book industry has a ‘skip week’ at the end of the year. It’s a week where no new product comes out, however over the past couple years the major companies have found a way to have a few select releases to fill the void.

Here’s the featured new releases for the week of Wednesday, December 31st: (We will be open all day on the 31st, from noon until 8pm, and closed New Year’s Day.):

Marvel only has two books coming out this week, and both are pretty big. First up is S.H.I.E.L.D. #1.

Shield_1This book will integrate the world of the television show with the mainstream continuity of the comic book universe. Each issue will be self contained by a different writer and artist. This issue features a really fun story by Mark Waid.

Second up from Marvel is the first new Miracle Man story in years, in All New Miracle Man Annual #1.

All_New_MiracleMan_Annual_1This much anticipated interlude is written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Joe Quesada himself. There’s also another story in there by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred.

DC Will just be publishing their weekly this week, with Batman Eternal #39, Earth 2 World’s End #13, and New 52 Future’s End #35.

Batman_Eternal_39IDW has a single release with Star Trek Planet of the Apes #1.

star_trek_sub_coverThis four issue mini series is another one of those ‘only in comics” type things that we get a bit excited about.

Image will have only one new book this week, East of West #16 with nine different covers.

This is the beginning of a new story arc by continuing writer Jonathon Hickman. If you’re an indie fan that’s not already reading it, here’s where you throw your money down this week. There will also be a $1.00 reprint of Scott Snyder and Jock’s Wytches #1, and we highly recommend that too.

We’ve also got a cool freebie for you! We’ll be giving out a comic book sized Marvel 2015 Calendar for FREE with any purchase. We’ve got 200 to give away and they’ll be there until they’re not.

Marvel_2015_calanderIn order to stimulate sales this week, we’ll be having a sale from Wednesday, December 31st till Tuesday January 6th that’s really quite simple:


(with such a small week, we need to inspire you to shop some how!)

It’s a good week to ask a friend to name his/her favorite graphic novels until he/she gets to one you haven’t read, than buy it. 🙂

So from our family to your family, Happy New Year and this is John Dudas signing of for 2014.