New Comic Releases for the Week of 1-7-2014

Alright! Let’s get started with the first email of the year. Being a self confessed Marvel Zombie*, I’m excited to announce Marvel’s coming out of the gate stong with some quirky new #1’s. First up, 2015 is the year you won’t be able to get enough Ant-Man.

Ant_Man_1The new Ant-Man #1 ongoing series is a pretty big deal, with the movie due out July 16th this year. (The trailer will be shown during the Agent Carter premiere this Tuesday) The book features Scott Lang and is written by Nick Spencer. On the other end of the spectrum, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 hits the stands this week too.

Squirrel_Girl_1Squirrel Girl is a classic cult character. She allegedly dated Wolverine back in the day and even took down Doctor Doom all by herself. (the story was even drawn by Ditko for pete’s sake) After our Anti-Bullying efforts last fall, we’re stoked that Marvel is releasing the Avengers No More Bullying Special!

Avengers_No_More_Bullying_1This all ages one shot features a great line up of characters and creators and the best part is it’s only $1.99 to make it as accessible as possible. Pretty cool Marvel. After you’ve watched the premiere of Agent Carter on January 6th you can stop in the shop the next day and pick up Operation Sin #1.

Operation_Sin_1This five issue mini series features Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and Hydra. There’s also a bit of Original Sin fallout as Woodrow McCord pops up too. Still more from Marvel with the new weekly series, ‘Wolverines’ by Charles Soule.

Wolverines_1The Death Of Wolverine was a perfectly crafted story, but some of the mini’s associated with it afterwards left a little to be desired. This books hopes to even things out, combining all the plot lines into one book. The art is by Nick Bradshaw, who’s known for his phenomenal work on Wolverine and the X-Men. Speaking of which, did you miss The Death Of Wolverine? The hardcover comes out this week to go with the aforementioned Wolverines.


$24.99 gets you the whole package, and I can’t recommend it enough. A very underplayed story that is quite satisfying in the end. A lot of the references are from early in Wolverine’s history, and I believe that was intentional so that readers that have lapsed since the 1980’s could still really enjoy the story. Steve McNiven’s artwork is perfect, and he crafted his style on Wolverine in Old Man Logan.

Also, prepare yourself for Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics, coming out next week on January 14th! (The book has retailer orders for over one million copies)

If you get this email early in the week, our week long skip week sale will still be going on on Monday January 5th, and Tuesday January 6th. On both days we’ll have 10% of all graphic novels and hard covers, along with a whopping 50% off all back issues. This will be your last time to get these discounts for awhile, so be sure to stop in before new comic day.

That’s it for this week. Thanks as always for tuning in and we’re looking forward to another great year at the comic shop. In the spirit of the new year, if you feel there’s anything we could be doing better, please drop us a line at with your thoughts!


John Dudas

*Marvel zombie: Comic book fan slang to describe someone who is overtly loyal to the Marvel Comics company to the point where they won’t read anything else. “Don’t try and describe Preacher to him he’s just a Marvel Zombie” (I also like Batman)