A Call for Artists and Food Drive Information

Christmas is sneaking up on us pretty fast, so we’re going to double time it into our yearly food drive this year.

Each holiday season we team up with Pop The Comic Culture Club to collect food and money for the Cleveland Food Bank

With just one dollar the Cleveland Food Bank can create four fulls meals through their networking system. We know that everyone likes to do a little something extra for those in need during the holidays, and we just try and give you a really fun way to do it.

From Monday December 8th until Wednesday December 24th, all sales from comics in our $1.00 bins will go to the Cleveland Food Bank. Buy one $1.00 comic, feed four people. Buy fifty $1.00 comics, feed 200 people. Shop the bins and don’t think twice about your purchases because you are making a big difference in peoples lives with every comic.

The Cleveland Food Bank does best with money, but we know that some people enjoy bringing food in. For each food item you bring in, you can pick out a free book from the $1.00 up to three books per visit.

The Pop Club helps to sustain this model by donating comics to refill the $1.00 bins during the season.

fooddrive2014We will also accept straight up money donations if you feel so inclined, in a collection cup on the counter.

The second part of our food drive efforts happens on December 20th at the second annual art show at our yearly Christmas Party. Artists, here’s where you can help!

Food_DriveStop by the shop and pick up a free blank comic book. Do your stuff and turn the blank cover into artwork featuring any characters you want. This years theme is pretty general, something to do with Cleveland, the Holidays or both! The cover can be as detailed as you’d like, or it can be subtle and charming. Here’s the gallery from last year:

JokerPeople can feel free to do up to two covers each. The due date is Thursday, December 18th at 8pm. We will photograph these covers and present them in an online gallery with your URL attached to it as seen in the above gallery. This is a great way to get your artwork seen, and also I great way to turn your skills into food. Please share the word with any of your art minded friends!

On December 20th we’ll have an all day art show that will culminate at our Christmas Party that evening. The covers can be won in a basket raffle system, with tickets being obtained by bringing in food items or purchasing them with all money going to the Cleveland Food Bank.

christmasWe appreciate the short notice that everyone is working with, and we hope that you find the time to be a part of our efforts in one manner or another. Our Christmas Party is always a really great time, with free food, refreshments, freebeeis, exclusives, and all around good cheer. It’s comforting to know that while we’re having all that fun, there’s a greater good at work there too, as funds are being amassed for those who really need it. We all need to eat before anything, and that’s why the Cleveland Food Bank is our charity of choice.

From our crew to yours,

Christmas staff