Final Shopping Days and Holiday Recap

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop!



The Thing says, “Ya only got a few more days to shop for your Aunt Petunia ya procrastinatin’ goldbricks!”

thingOn that note, CNJComics will be having a last minute sale from Friday December 23rd to Monday December 26th. (the days where the internet is not there to help you, but we are.)

We will be open all day on Friday and Saturday (till 7pm on Christmas eve, come and visit Ben in the evening as he wallows in his martyrdom. He’s been empowered by management to enjoy himself.)

We’ll be closed Christmas Day and will reopen on on Monday where the sale will continue for one more day. (for your post holiday shopping.)

  • 20% off action figures, statues and Pop Fun’s.
  • 50% off back issues.
  • 10% off graphic novels
  • 20% off pub glasses and anything else in the glass cases

We also just got in six full boxes of 50% off Marvel Graphic Novel, with an incredible selection of titles.

We do carry gift certificates, which can be used on the 26th while the sale is still on.



Thanks to all for a very successful Christmas Party!

With the support of our community we were able to raise enough money to create over 10,000 meals as well as collecting over 600 food items! (and we had a lot of fun doing it.)

art-show-totalsThanks to all the artists who participated, all the customers who donated, and to Jason Fitch for taking responsibility for all the food on behalf of Pop the Comic Culture Club.

Here’s a link to this year’s art show gallery, along with links to many of the artists web sites. Please reach out to them as many do commissions during the holiday season and beyond.

deeRocket and Groot by Dee Piotrowski

We’d also like to thank our two amazing food vendors for the party, the Burning River Baking Company and Fear’s Confection’s.

Using local vendors for our events is the way that we shop local during the holidays. Both of these female owned businesses did not disappoint this year, and in fact truly exceeded all expectations.



Earlier this year we collected donations for a Captain America coin during the RNC in Cleveland. The funds collected went to sponsor individuals to attend New Avenues for Independences Holiday Ball. More than just a ticket, these individuals received transportation, dinner, entertainment, an outfit for the occasion, a trip to the salon and assistance by a staff member. With your help $6,000 was collected allowing us to sponsor 50 people for a highly anticipated night out. Carol and I were invited to the event which was also attended by the Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio.


Reflecting on why we do these things, it’s because every individual at that party, every person who receives one of those 10,000 meals, represents a story; and we are in the business of selling stories. 

It’s easy to ask people to to shop local during the holidays, but we’re always trying to show that by doing so, you truly are positively impacting the people who live in your community. 

Thanks for a great year and enjoy your friends and family this holiday season!

merry-christmasJohn Dudas (and the entire staff at Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop)

winston“Shopping at CNJComics keeps me in the lifestyle to which I have become adjusted too.”