Discover Indie Comics on Image Day

Image is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this month, and even more specifically on Image Day this Wednesday February 1st.

We’ve put together our own celebration for the day, and we’ll actually be extending it through Saturday, February 4th.

Starting on Wednesday, anyone coming into the shop (over 18) will receive a free copy of the latest issue of Walking Dead, #163.

Additional copies of this issue will be available for only 25 cents each. (If you’re a Walking Dead comics fan, this is a great way to share the comic with your friends who only engage the television show.)

This is the start of a new story arc, “CONQUERED.”

Everyone will also receive a free copy of the new IMAGE CLASSICS 25th ANNIVERSARY MAGAZINE.

“Dive into this list of milestone series and discover the comics that have made the careers of countless writers and artists and changed the lives of readers everywhere. From Spawn to Monstress this special round-up gives readers a history of the company’s best series, how they came to prominence and shook up the industry, and why they continue to resonate with and will influence audiences worldwide for years to come.”

Since we’re behind the expansion of creator owned comics, we’ve come up with a pretty cool package to help you educate yourself on the word of Image Comics, and the buy in is only one graphic novel.

Buy any Image graphic novel and we’ll give you all the following for free:

Image Plus Magazine issues 8, 9, and 10.

These three magazines have previews and interviews revolving around Image products that are coming out in February, March and April 2017, along with new Negan back up stories!

Image Firsts Compendium Graphic Novel Volume One.

This graphic novel contains the first issues of the following Image titles:

  • Wytches by Scott Snyder and Jock
  • Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta
  • Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson
  • Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour
  • The Fade Out by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
  • The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
  • Low by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini
  • Shutter by Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca
  • C.O.W.L. by Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, and Rod Reis
  • (If you already own this book we substitute a free copy of volume two instead, featuring a different line up of first issues.)

Reprint of Spawn #1.

We figured we take you back to Image’s first year with this one.

Reprint of Saga #1.

Undoubtedly the most important modern book to come out of Image after Walking Dead.

One more reprint #1 based on who is cashing you out at the time.

Each employee picked a favorite book, John Shearer – Invincible, Jim – Manifest Destiny, Ben – Deadly Class, Jason – I Hate Fairyland, and John D – Paper Girls, that they’ll be sharing with you.

You’re basically getting $15 worth of free stuff with the purchase of the Image graphic novel you were going to buy sometime anyway! (So make it this week!)

Later this month we’ll be offering two more Image books for free:

Invincible #133 on 2-15-2017

Outcast #25 on 2-22-2017

A big part of this promotion is based on Robert Kirkman’s desire to promote titles he writes for Image, so that’s how these three books were picked! (Shearer will talk your ear off about Invincible, and I’m a big Outcast fan.)

If you need any help at all picking out a cool Image book this week, the staff is ready to help you! Each employee will give you a different spin on what they like while maintaining the universal view that Image is the future.