Valentine’s Day at CNJComics

CNJComics Loves It’s Customers!

Come out and celebrate Valentine’s Day with us on Tuesday, February 14th for a chance to win some free stuff by pulling a Valentine out of our party box!

Marvel recently participated in an overship program for the months of December and January. Bleeding Cool recently had a few ideas about what to do with all the over shipped comics.

We’ve decided to turn them into Valentine’s for our beloved customers!

We wound up with about two full comic boxes of extra comics, all brand new from the past two months. We’ve also got a box of Marvel graphic novels to give a way.

Stop in the shop on Valentine’s Day, and when you check out you can pull a Valentine out of our super cool box. (Designed by Dee Piotrowski)

The Valentine will let you know if you get to pick out 5, 10 or even 20 books for free! Some will even allow you to pick out a graphic novel from the box we put together.

Every Valentine will be a winner, just like you!

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) the earlier you stop by the better the selection.

Someone gave me a random Valentine at a coffee shop last year and it really made my day, so we thought we’d try and replicate that through this gesture. (Plus I got to pick out some cool superhero Valentine’s)

As always, thanks you for being a loyal customer! That’s your gift to us 365 days a year.