Convention Season at CNJComics in March

Yes, March is somehow Convention Season Cleveland, to the point where it’s going to dictate the flow of our weekly email!

Coast to Coast In Store Comicon – Cleveland Concoction – Wizard World – Winston World.

Fun comes in many packages this month.

First up is Coast to Coast Comicon, a live broadcast that we’ll be showing in the shop tomorrow, Saturday March 4th, from noon until 9pm.

Here’s the schedule for the day, so stop by the shop during a segment that’s interesting to you and watch it with like minded individuals.

There’s also some variant covers that were made just for the day that we’ll have available for cover price.

Here’s a link to all the info as well as variant information.

For our end of it, we’ll be having a pop up sale with 50% off back issues, as well as 10% off all graphic novels.

We’ll also be hosting a raffle for two free weekend long passes to Wizard World that day, so be sure to fill out a slip when you visit.

Next up is the Cleveland Concoction on March 10th through the 12th.

The CNJComics team will be setting up there for the first time on Saturday, March 11th. We’ll be running a photo booth with our backdrop and props, as well as having a cool set up with some liquidated graphic novels.

If you’ve ever wanted a picture wearing the Ghostbusters backpack, or holding Cap’s Shield or Thor’s Hammer, this is your chance. We will also be staying the night to engage in some of the late night programing. (and drinks of course.)

Learn everything you need to know about this Concoction here! 

Wizard World is hitting Cleveland for it’s third year from March 17th to the 19th. (There’s a pretty good chance that Los Angeles doesn’t know what Cleveland looks like on St. Patrick’s Day)

While we will not be setting up at the show, we will be hosting our annual Winston World sale, an in shop extravaganza where everything will be on sale.

From March 17th to March 19th:

  • 50% off back issues.
  • 20% off graphic novels
  • 75% off discount graphic novel bins
  • 10% off action figures and statues
  • 10% off everything else in the shop (yes, that includes supplies, which we never typically discount because they weigh too much.)

I had fun with my family down their last year, and we will be going again on the ever manic Saturday.

Wizard was even kind enough to allow us to grant free weekend passes to four families in our community that exemplify the values of comic book culture. (Stay tuned on that.)

Here’s all the information on this year’s Wizard World!

We’ve even created a sticker to commemorate the occasion, and you can get this sticker FREE with any purchase in the shop starting now. (We are in Westpark after all) Don’t forget to follow Winston on Instagram @comiccatwinston

If you’re not on mobile or Instagram, check him out here.

Lastly, Logan comes out today, and we’re incredibly excited to finally get to see it.


If you enjoy the film, we’ve got two directions for you to go in. Marvel created ten $1.00 comic books reprinting great issues in Wolverine’s history. For only ten bucks you can walk away with a comprehensive history of the characters involved, including X-23.

The other obvious answer is the Old Man Logan graphic novel, by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, the team behind Civil War.

While it might not tie directly into the movie, this stand alone story is one of the all time best selling books in the shop. It’s like Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven but with classic Marvel Characters. It also has very 70’s Marvel sensibilities, which I resonate with.  Either way, it’s an epic post apocalyptic story, and a great book no matter how you look at it.  We’ve got it in both hard and soft cover.

Alright’s that’s it. Set your course for fun this month, and we’ll see you at the shop!